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Sep 26, 2008
Crystal Blaze (Anime) add
This was a pretty good anime overall. The plot is interesting, and the story doesn't drag on like some other anime's. They could have made the plot a little bit more complex, but they didn't.
The characters are alright, but they don't really go into detail on their lives, like some other series out there that only focus on characterization and no plot. But it is an "action" anime so that is understandable. There's a couple "extra" characters in it that are really useless but the series isn't long enough for them to get on your nerves. I personally liked the nurse and doctor the ...
Sep 15, 2008
This is a pretty mild series in my opinion. Although if they come up with a second season I might change my mind.
The idea for the fox spirit-guardian is interesting for the plot, I'd say that's about as original as it gets. But they could seriously have done more with it which didn't really happen. There are a couple filler episodes in there, some of which had this annoying sakura girl character just rambling on and on which I suppose was supposed to be some sort of comic relief =__=. Other than that, it just ended early so there isn't really all that much ...
Jun 20, 2008
Kure-nai (Anime) add
This anime is absolutely HORRIBLE!! Okay, to be fair, it only became horrible after episode 8. At the beginning I was rating it a 10 and placing it among my favorite animes. The plot was somewhat unique, and there was the mystery as to exactly what the girl was running from, and shinkuro's past. But as the answers start to become revealed by each episode somehow in the 9th episode the author of the anime has no idea/clue where to take the anime. The action goes downhill, which is disappointing since it is supposed to be an action genre and they turn a possible bourne ...
May 29, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Maybe back in the day it was something to go gya gya over (according to the person who rated it a 10) but to me it was cliche after cliche. Some of the scenes are cute, but there's nothing new or surprising in the story. The episodes are very skippable, I'd compare it to saiyuki where there is really nothing to tie all the series together except for the same characters that keep appearing in them with a couple attempts at humour. So, you can skip a bunch of the episodes as I did and still not miss a thing. I guess, most of the ...
Apr 25, 2008
If you watched Saiyuki and liked it, you will definitely watch the Reload and gunlock sequels. However you will be surprised (as I was) that the sequels are all filler episodes. In Saiyuki, they showed some parts in the character's past lives so one would think it would have some relation to the overall plot of the sequels, which shockingly it did not. The characters look better in the sequels than in saiyuki (especially gojo, his hair actually becomes red and not purple this time) so that was a plus, if not the only one.
And the whole one-pattern personalities and lines get old after ...
Mar 24, 2008
If you like space adventures, strategy/tactical plots, not to mention epic's, then this is the series for you!
The art is old but improves as the series progresses, so its easier to appreciate the story later on. So don't go around imagining advanced mecha like gundams or anything lol. The plot is very nice, I think it was based on a novel so thats probably why it is a bit more satisfying than most other anime's out there. Especially if you're the type that likes story's involving conspiracies, political struggle type moments you will be very satisfied.
Overall, I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes the ...
Mar 17, 2008
To everyone with similar tastes to mine: Watch this series when you are absolutely bored out of your mind.

The creator was obviously trying to cross gundam with some other shojo series and in the hype forgot all about a simple thing called Plot. So don't expect much there. The interesting part was the past relationships, which (btw) becomes totally meaningless by the end. I don't even know why the creator even bothered?!

As for the characters, a load of them should have died off or become part of the quiet background. Amazingly, the only interesting character was the main (Apollo). Which, I must add, is just ...
Feb 10, 2008
The story was pretty good, although somewhat predictable. What anime isn't?? Throughout the story, I was annoyed by 2 things the most; one was that zero doesn't really have ANY point in the story except for as a ridiculous background information to how some characters were part of a group.
second, the sword drawing techniques kept changing from standing, bending over backwards, to having ::cough::orgasms::cough::. Which really made me think the author was still indecisive about plot/animation in general.
Characters were pretty good. Some of them could have used more development.
Also, there is not much to say for the sound, near the end the background music was ...
Feb 3, 2008
The story is entertaining, with the drama elements and some attempts at humour. There's the typical ayakashi hunting episodes, and cute relationships that develop between the characters. The series has the potential to be better, but in the end tends to disappoint on that end, and just screams for a second season.
The character developments are alright, but I'd say the most developed was Mokkun (my fave) which was the principal point of interest to the whole series.
The songs weren't all that great, but somewhat tolerable in ...
Feb 3, 2008
Preliminary (15/26 eps)
The art style is similar to FMA since the creator seems to be the same ^_^, so it's nice/cute.
Story-wise it is a bit cliche (the whole epic power-struggle, and betrayal themes) but it does have it's own unique characteristics which is cute and makes you want to see more.
The character development is well done which as usual enhances the anime's enjoyment.
Overall entertainment is very good so far, so if you liked FMA, any martial-arts/fantasy-type genre stories you willl not be disappointed with this anime. Also, I think the plot will end up getting more complicated (I'm hoping lol XP) so there is much ...

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