Mar 20, 2017
OHELLO (All reviews)
this anime had beem in my list for a year. I must say, I regretted not binging it until now! and a piece of advice, watch it not to fill your expectation cause nothing more is satisfying than enjoying a show without holding yourself tons of criteria. it stains the essence of quality and lessen how we figure the fictional world.

my initial thoughts after ending the series were so hard to lay due to how fascinating it was from start to finish. the show was impactful about defining human nature and principles. chasing ambitions and sating desires. in short, it covers the simple yet crucial aspect of life.
maria and others discover these by engaging themselves again and again. leading oneself for a better and ideal world. and of course that conflicts with everyone, as people differ.
the story revolves around that meaning and progress.
I decided not to spoil any content. just go ahead and place yourself in maria's world.