Mar 2, 2017
AnimeFan48 (All reviews)
first 2 thing here daky-kun is a complete idiot when it comes 2 this hentai also that ive seen this anime like a bunch of times but this is my actual time reviewing it so here we go

Story: so this hentai kinda has a story it starts out with Chidori telling Atsushi that he will be tutoring Arisa and but than it was suppose 2 be a female tutor because (well you can guess) so than Nami sees a opportunity to have sex with him and well you can guess that he ends up having sex with all of them.

Art: art was good nothing bad about it

Sound: sound was good 2 nothing bad about it

Character: Chidori is the well person who set up Atsushi to tutor both Arisa and Maya she also is a smart person who also had sex with him first in this. Aki is the mother of Arisa and is a pretty sweet person and what not (no idea really on what to say about her). Nami is pretty straight forward when it came too wanting Atsushi in the sexual way also a pretty lewd person. Maya shes the daughter of Nami she a pretty nice and clam person nothing else really too say. Arisa shes the happy and go lucky girl of the hentai and shes pretty sweet aswell. Atsushi is the main guy of the hentai and also bangs everyone 2 put it lightly but is also gentle and nice with them.

Enjoyment: This hentai is VERY good its a nice touch with a tiny bit of comedy also the face that there is NO rape and its straight up uncensored aswell nothing else really to say here.

Overall: giving this a 8 i know some people will be really surprised by this but ive seen this hentai alot cause it one of my favorite hentais that i know there is NO rape and that its uncensored helps it alot.