Mar 1, 2017
aedonis (All reviews)
Dae Jang Guem is about a girl who tries to follow her dream as a chef and her journey towards achieving it. Though this story features a lot of cooking, it is by no means a cooking show. I would relate this anime closely to the likes of Utawarerumono, in that, it is an adventure.

This anime is literally a cultural ride through feudal Korea. From the art concepts to the music, the anime allows you to fully immerse into the era in which Janggeum lives.

The story and the character development in this anime are both pretty solid. You definitely see the MC and the other supporting characters grow by the end of the show. Surprisingly enough, there wasn't a time where I felt that a characteristic of the show was being played out. I would agree though that it seemed like the MC had continuous bad luck when she needed it most but I felt it was tolerable. The plot changed where it was supposed to and for the most part, the show wasn't totally predictable.

Overall, I enjoyed this anime and would suggest it to someone who was looking for a relaxed, yet good story.