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Mar 1, 2017
Dae Jang Guem is about a girl who tries to follow her dream as a chef and her journey towards achieving it. Though this story features a lot of cooking, it is by no means a cooking show. I would relate this anime closely to the likes of Utawarerumono, in that, it is an adventure.

This anime is literally a cultural ride through feudal Korea. From the art concepts to the music, the anime allows you to fully immerse into the era in which Janggeum lives.

The story and the character development in this anime are both pretty solid. You definitely see the MC and read more
Feb 28, 2017
Sparrow's Hotel is about a woman who works in a hotel on the rowdy side of town. She is talented, beautiful, and just happens to be the hotel's bouncer.

Starting this anime I had very low expectations for it. People on MAL gave it a pretty lousy review and frankly, the cover image for the anime looks like crap. Surprisingly enough, the low budget production actually wasn't too bad in the first episode, or the second, or the third. I found myself laughing and really enjoying the show. The poor art quality actually worked for the show and its level of humor. It wasn't read more
Feb 26, 2017
Where sports anime is concerned, Baby Steps is definitely underrated. This anime has all your typical parts to a sports anime but with a way better story and main character.

Typical Plot:
- The MC is a novice at the sport.
- The MC works hard towards a goal

Not so typical plot:
- The MC isn't a pansy.
- The MC is incredibly likable
- The improvement in the MC's skills are realistic.
- The end of every episode leaves your heart racing and motivated to conquer the day. (Seriously how I felt after haha)

Art: The art is nothing fancy. It is good enough to tell the read more
Apr 29, 2012
I am kinda sad with this anime. I really wanted to like it. Pretty much its full of a bunch of fillers and doesn't really get to the story. I have watched 11 episodes and not once has the girl Keitaro, has been looking for shown up... Its full of the typical boy gets put is a weird situation and boy gets beat up scenarios....

It got really old after a while and I decided to drop it..
Oct 11, 2011
I was really iffy about watching this anime, but i ended up really enjoying it.

Even though the topic is a bit risque, the anime does a good job in not making it to perverted, though I do admit that they could have let it be more.

The only reservation I have about this anime is that it is so short.

I read the manga after watching this and realized that the anime doesn't follow the manga very well. It skips a lot of parts while adding more parts that aren't in the anime. Also, Kana-chan seems to be a totally different person in the manga. (I read more