Feb 28, 2017
TravisBickle (All reviews)
This is a piss-poor rip off of the movie Dead Man Walking. While that movie was about redemption and owning up to your past, this is a lousy melodrama about star crossed lovers. Comparing Sean Penn's character to the prisoner in this comic leads me to feel both humored and an irate irritation. Any of the nuance and moral ambiguity is thrown out the window in favor of tear-jerking schmaltz. I say this is a clear rip off of Dead Man Walking, because there is clear overlapping elements; both are about a nun who helps a prisoner on death row during his final days, both have a character trying to find god in his last days (although Dead Man Walking handles this with a subtlety that this piece of trash is incapable of), and both have a character performing music both the death row inmate dies.

Watch the movie and avoid this terrible imitation.