Jan 1, 2017
The_Rippled (All reviews)
You're in a crowd of people and trying to hide from a really creepy dude that you know from school or work. Luckily, he hasn't noticed you yet.

You probably want to do the best you can to get out of his line of sight... right? So you've finally managed to make it behind him, but then, just as you think that you're safe, the creepy dude stays facing forward, but SWIFTLY does a horrifying 180-degree HEAD-ONLY turn. He then, with a derp face, looks SOLELY at you out of everybody in the crowd. In a shocking development, you've somehow been spotted! That "wtf moment" that you'd experience makes for comedy at its finest! You will find that type of comedy and much, much more in Saiki Kusuo no psi-nan.

Funny does not even begin to describe this anime! That's right, it's hilarious! It's one of the best, if not the best, comedy anime that I've ever seen. It's very original and has definitely become my new favorite comedy anime.

TL;DR at end

Story: 10/10
Saiki, the main protagonist, comically takes being overpowered to a whole new level. He's basically a god-level psychic that can do anything. He's smart, has x-ray vision, one punch man level strength (or maybe All Might?), time warping, can change the laws of the universe, has telepathy, teleportation, memory wiping, there's basically nothing this guy can't do. The story follows him in his everyday life as he, an extremely superior being, has to deal with ordinary folk. He's a pretty sarcastic guy and is always doing a hilarious internal commentary about the bothersome events that happen to him throughout the anime. There is no overarching goal of the plot (it's kind of just a linear succession of skits). The pacing is often very fast, but I think that its speediness actually benefits the series because the series continuously hits you with jokes like they're bullets from a machine gun (if some jokes miss, np there are like 20 more incoming). I truly cannot imagine how they could have improved the story in this series. This story's comedy is a 10/10 masterpiece.

Art: 6/10
The artwork was very plain and the animation was a bit choppy, but it didn't take away from the series in my opinion. The simple art may have actually enhanced the series in a way. Perhaps you would have missed the comedy if you were too focused on the art? Who knows, but there's really not much to talk about when it comes to the art.

Sound: 10/10
I loved the opening of the 4-minute shorts. The background music were mostly very unique, well-suited, and catchy (8.5/10 for music). I think it should be strongly noted that the sound effects were masterful in this series. Sound effects in anime often go unnoticed, but this anime’s sound effects really enhanced the comedy if you took notice of them. The voice acting was absolutely fantastic! The diverse characters and their personalities were well acted out by each of the voice actors/actresses. Normally music is what largely determines the score when it comes to sound, but I feel the other areas of the sound were so strong that this category actually does indeed deserve a 10/10.

Character: 10/10
A riveting cast set of mostly original characters. I mean, c'mon. This anime had a fucking “Nendou”. Once I discovered this “Nendou” creature, I just knew that the characters deserved a 10/10. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, this series had many really diverse characters including: a Nendou, dramatized narcissistic perfect girl who attracts everybody but Saiki, average girl, chuunibyou guy character, thug character, tsundere grandpa, workaholic, deliberately annoying kids, shitty magicians--- there’s too much substance here to list them all! All of the main characters get pretty well developed as well.

Enjoyment: 10/10
This series had me laughing very hard every day! The simple and fast humor was perfect for my tastes. Often other popular comedy anime, like Nichijou for example, take much too long to get the jokes across and consequently make the watchers feel bored. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan usually hits you with the jokes so fast and repeatedly that you only have a few moments to let it sink in before it hits you with the next one. I’m so glad this anime had a bold, new type of episode design where it did 4-minute comedy sketches released once a day (most days). I was so excited to watch a fun new skit from this series every day. At the end of the weeks, the five 4-minute sketches were compiled into a single normal-length episode. I think this anime will be setting the precedent for future 4-minutes-a-day comedy anime. I look forward to season 2!

Overall: 10/10
This is one of the funniest comedy series I’ve ever seen! You WILL laugh if you watch this series. The story was non-complex and in the form of multiple short skits with no overarching unifying plot (It’s just following Saiki as he lives his god-like superior being life). The art was pretty basic, but it didn’t take away from the series much. The background noises and voice acting were all great, but the opening song and the “shit’s going down” BGM were the only memorable OSTs for me. The main characters were all very unique, diverse, added to the comedy, and well developed by the end of the series.

Should you watch this series?
If you’re looking for a comedy series, then hell yeah you should!
If you want to try a new type of series that you haven’t seen before, yeah watch it!
If you’re looking for a sci-fi, then ehh it’s not THAT sci-fi related but you can give it a shot.
If you’re looking for a serious, complex, and/or linear plot with an end-goal, then you’re definitely in the wrong place buddy.

This series was too great! You should definitely watch it!

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