Mar 2, 2010
PCS1881 (All reviews)
Story: The story got a lot better from the first film. It was easier to understand what was going on. Moreover it had better drama. That was better because it didn't seem too forceful compared to the first movie.

Art: The animation was still as good. However I found it odd that some characters especially the female ones looked practically the same except for hairstyles (Hamon and Matilda). Not really a flaw but worth noticing.

Sound: Nothing much to say here, the sound effects and the battle themes were well done. I think the voice acting was great too except for the kids. In my opinion it didn't match them.

Character: Well, supporting characters got development, that's a plus. As a whole it was good but still there was too many mysteries going on (Sayla Mass didn't make sense to me even though I liked her character). The real drawback here is the kids playing as comic relief. Not that I hate children but they were unnecessary (as comic relief) in a war setting. It was better when they actually try to help instead of fooling around.

Enjoyment: It was fairly entertaining to me. More battles means less politics means less confusing or less boring. Nothing wrong with politics but it shouldn't be the main plot(I mean it should stay more battle-oriented). Otherwise watching Star Wars The Phantom Menace would be more appropriate.