Dec 26, 2016
Whoahoho (All reviews)
Oh Studio Go Hands, wtf were you guys thinking of making another OVA of "Seitokai Yakuindomo*", by taking a step backwards, instead of forwards? A question that I would like to ask, so:

Storywise, no development on the plot, in fact the OVA itself took a step backwards, I mean, the toilet humor was still there, the naughty gags were still the usual, the green slap sticks haven't change, so it's just a mediocre (5) all the way.

Art, mediocre 5, what do you expect? Some panty shots or fanservce, not in here, except the usual eye candy girl's school uniform.

Sound, rating is the same as's the same seiyuus, dummies. also I have neither love or hate for the opening and closing theme.

Character, also a 5.....and not even the addition of the other student council president, Uomi from Eiryou High School', makes any difference.

Enjoyment, also a 5 , cu'z , watching this was more of a chore than and enjoyment, besides , what's there to enjoy, when there hasn't been any development, in any of the genre.

Overall, Amakusa, Shino and Shichijou, Aria have already graduated in the last season, so for studio Go Hands to take a step backwards , instead of continuing from where the two have graduated would have given this OVA a new lease in it's enjoyment, somehow breaking the mediocre, also I kinda hate it that Studio Go Hand is going wishy washy on this anime, and now they're making an upcoming movie of this series, now, why do I have a feeling that they might change their minds again and opt for another sequel? Sheees , no more pls, the fact that they can go forward without the two makes this OVA as lame as a poor 3 in may book.

Tong, tong, tong, prrt, prrt, prrt