Dec 19, 2016
ariffmontel (All reviews)
(minor spoiler alert)

this is a story about a boy who is constantly bullied, he learned martial arts from 5 masters after meeting miu, who is also his love interest. This is manga basically tells his story from being a zero to a hero in a 1 year period. this manga starts of well, but after a while, it becomes very dull and in my personal opinion, very childish, it had a lot of potential but my expectations crumbled halfway reading the manga, though i was hoping it to get better because a lot of reviews were giving it a really good score but after 584 chapters, nothing changed. the author keep on recycling the same concept for the mc to win the important matches, in which he is very durable and can stand a punch, he just keeps on getting up again no matter how many times the enemies kick his ass, and in the end, he comes up with something to defeat them. this process repeats itself so many time, even till the ending of this series. the fan service is also way overboard, i understand the concpet of this manga whereby comedy is almost constantly there even in tense battles but it gets to ridiculous points, and ironically, it contradicts the plot and characters of this manga, where almost ALL the bad protagonists eventually turns into good guys in some random plot twist, even the baddest of the bad guys is actually good in a way, which is somewhat ridiculous, some even turned into good guys in the heat of the battle. another thing which i cringe is that the fact NONE actually dies in this manga, combine these 2 and we get a manga actually meant for children, but then the ecchi factor is too strong for them so i guess this is either for really childish adults or kids who haven't discovered hentai, lol.

The characters, almost all of the characters didn't get developed enough. same goes for all their relationships. kenichi like miu in the beginning, miu hints that she also has mutual feelings for him, it goes on like that until the end, i really hoped for something more. all the other characters also mostly have the same fate. one thing i really need to commend, is nijima, he makes this manga so much more likeable with the comedy that he brings but his screen time gets drastically reduced after 2/3rds of the manga.

Overall, i think this is a pretty enjoyable manga if you just want to chill reading but just don't expect such a deep plot. the plot is so simple and predictable even a child could figure it out. The only thing it was lacking for me, was probably a hint of DRAMA to make it appeal more to the adult audience.