Dec 17, 2016
FarrelSal (All reviews)
Since this movie is currently sitting at the number 1 spot for all time top rated anime on this website, I assumed a large portion of you had already seen this movie, so this review will contain spoilers.
Now that I got that out of the way, let’s just jump right into it.

Kimi no na wa is Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie, the story follows a guy named Taki and a girl named Mitsuha begins to switch bodies because, well, reasons. The first half of the movie is just your typical Slice of Life comedy that involves characters switching bodies. For the most part, it was harmless, until they tries to be something else in the second half.

The huge plot twist of this movie is that apparently Taki is not just switching bodies with mitsuha, but he’s apparently went 3 years back in time before Itomori (the village that mitsuha’s living in) got destroyed by a comet.
Now now now, where do I even begin with all of this nonsense. So, apparently Taki was time travelling back in time the whole time yet, he didn’t realize that he was actually sent back to 3 years before the present? Hello? Am I the only one who noticed how stupid it was?

How could Taki didn’t notice that he was time travelling back in time despite the fact that he was using mitsuha’s phone to write a diary? Uhm, I’m sorry but as far as I know every fucking phone in this entire goddamn planet tells you the current date and time AT THE TOP ON ITS FUCKING SCREEN, HOW DOES TAKI AND MITSUHA DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THE SIMPLEST THING SUCH AS THAT?

Oh yeah I get it, because if they actually realized it right away the whole thing where Taki goes to meet mitsuha in person and found that she was actually dead long time ago wouldn’t be as dramatic as it would be if they didn’t realize it. Once again, anime is treating its viewers like some kind of retard, not so suprising eh?

I don’t really mind about how they didn’t explain the whole body switching works. But to completely ignore logic just for the sake of being dramatic is beyond unforgivable.

Well aside from the incoherent plot this movie excels at the presentation. Its really gorgeous and the colours are vivid. The show composition were great but that doesn’t hide the fact that the story was a complete mess. If I'd to rate this movie solely because of the Presentation alone, it would be 8 or higher, sadly, the plot is a huge turn off for me that not even pretty colours could change my opinion about the movie.

As for the characters they’re completely forgettable and there’s nothing really stand out about them. The one thing that I don’t get is Taki and Mitsuha’s relationship. Just because you swapped bodies doesn’t mean that you have to fall in love with each other, their relationship has literally no chemistry whatsoever, even Taki and his coworker relationship makes more sense than him being with Mitsuha.

There are more things to cover about this movie but I think this would be enough.

In short, Kimi no na wa is far from what you can call a “Masterpiece”. But if you can ignore everything and just literally “turn your brain off” I can see why someone would like it. But as for me, I could not just overlook how stupid this movie is.