Nov 26, 2016
Eneeli (All reviews)
Have you ever wanted to watch an entertaining anime which is neither too provoking nor a complete waste of time? Do you want characters that doesn't require you to invest emotion and effort while not being cringeworthy mindless stereotypes?

Gugure Kokkuri -san provides mildly interesting characters with oversimplified backgrounds that are barely mentioned. Each episode is a little slice of life in a household with supernatural oddballs. Yet it manages to be a series of fun filler episodes with short storylines which somehow works in keeping my interest. I finished all the episodes in one sitting without getting tired in between.

This anime tries its hand at many genres from genderbending romance to tragedy and even a dab of horror with a cat god who collects grotesque dolls. It breaks the fourth wall periodically and acknowledges the stereotypes and anime settings. This ricochet in differing storytelling might be a little jarring initially but it fits well in the offbeat comedic tone of the show.

The disco opening theme is unexpectedly catchy, though the ending theme while easy on the ears, was forgettable. The voice acting of the protagonist in particular was decent, for a little girl's voice to sound robotically monotonous without being boring.

The art style may seem generic for the normally drawn characters, but the chibi doll-wannabe was distinctively cute.

The show gives you little hints and glimpses into the psyche of each main character instead of delving deep into any particular one. Despite little depth in character development, the motley crew of supernatural creatures and one robotic doll wannabe end up forming a family where their bonds can be felt in heart-warming moments peppering the slapstick humour and gags.

I enjoyed watching this like I enjoy an afternoon lazing around at home. It's not too intense and not too slow. Watch this if you like having mild fun without the emotional commitment.