Nov 16, 2016
4.Eyes (Anime) add (All reviews)
ProfaneValkyrie (All reviews)
This is an short artistic video, nothing classic anime about this one at all!

Keiichi Tanaami... Like I have stated in the past, you are on weird man, and you do weird things for art or whatever excuse you use XD.
The first 3 minutes is like seen one of the classic optic illusion test where you have to focus on a spot, the only difference being that the picture changes colour and moves around a bit, but mostly that he has added this very very creepy sound effect!
Then comes the next 6 minutes, Keiichi, can you ever be able to not! put anything perverted in your art? (Barely visible naked woman/women, however you interpret it).

Yeah. I have seen a couple of his works and most of them had somewhat a meaning if you really strongly thought about it and took a pitch of LSD XD. But this one, I did not get at all. The four eyes seems to symbolize the colours which changes the perspective and the feel of the imagery but that is pretty much it. That is the reason why it gets a low score for me, it seemed very meaningless.

The description from another source
"Projecting two 16mm prints of the same film with a time delay, artist Tanaami Keiichi’s psychedelic trip expresses the mind slipping out of consciousness.

The human eye, a well-known motif of psychedelic culture, is multiplied and intensified in Tanaami Keiichi’s cinematic trip 4 Eyes. Drawing from his experiences designing discotheques, Tanaami presents two prints of the same film in double-projection with a time delay to suggest the mind slipping out of consciousness."

So yeah.... conclusion... NOT YOUR AVERAGE ANIME XD