Nov 13, 2016
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Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
I gave it a four(bad flick)

no audio in terms of voice

Story is supposed to be a comedy and horror. Horror i will agree on. You do see a death but the death is quite tame and predictable. As for comedy? how? aside from the death the killer(s) depending on your view make there crime public. Is it comical because the killers have a dark scene of humor and are sharing it with like minded people? Going away from the story's genre choices to more on the story line what the fu(@? i mean seriously? i know the movie is a little over two minutes long but give the viewers an idea what is going on. How did the victim get there? why are the killer(s) sharing their work? is that a suit the girl is wearing or body paint? is one of the killer's mind that of a child? This art reeks of unanswered questions. The least the creator could have done is have a shot scene of a newspaper that might explain the backstory. Yet, they did not.

Character: next to nothing for a back story can't really comment further.

Sound: you heard a chainsaw big whoop!

I could drone on but i will finish with a couple more sentences. I could have easily gave this a 1 or 2 but the artwork was decent for clay animation plus given the time frame a lot of work was put in.