Oct 25, 2016
GodBlessDXD (All reviews)
KLK deserves its popular opinion.
Long reviews waste your time, so here's a short and sweet paragraph.

Firstly, the music score in this anime is outstanding! The tunes are catchy and will have you humming away. KLK music is used all over YouTube by anime fans with good reason. Secondly, the characters are so unique! It's the little things that bring each character to life. The bubbly of Mako, the 1/2 punchline of Tsemugo, the strong female lead of Ryuuko, the opening collar of Houka, the resolve of Ira, and even the silly dog! The list goes on and on! You won't find a single cliche character here. The art in this anime is not a premium quality, but that's because it has its own flavor and style. What it lacks in detail it makes up for in rock solid combat and environmental staging. The combat scenes are insane!!!! So many 360 flips with a fast pace that doesn't stop for 5 minutes in the middle of combat for dragged out reflection of a bunch of bullshit you already know. These warriors waste no time getting to the point. Additionally, this anime is hilarious! They've mastered the art of mixing humor into the action for maintaining a healthy balance. The story is so funny! You cannot say clothes trying to take over the world is not a fresh approach. And they manage to roll this onto you in a serious and humorous way at the same time. All in all, KLK is an armored titan among anime leaving no gaps. You cannot regret watching this. Even critics that despise this anime give it 6/10 as a testament to resist their true feelings of a higher rating.

-Amazing characters.
-Unbelievable soundtrack.
-Perfect blend of humor and action.
-Fast paced battles wasting no time.
-Refreshing and inspiring art style.
-Mountains of laughter.
-Mild fanservice.

-Aniplex charges an arm and a leg for this series.