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Kill la Kill

Alternative Titles

English: KILL la KILL
Synonyms: KLK, Dressed to Kill
Japanese: キルラキル


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2013
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:05 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.181 (scored by 475,649 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3572
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #28
Members: 886,028
Favorites: 25,233


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Mar 28, 2014
Satire (All reviews)
It's been said by many veteran anime watchers that anime is dying. In the old days we had our Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, FLCL, Berserk, Fist of the North Star, and Miyazaki; we had Space Captain Harlock, Lupin the Third, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ghost in the Shell. Even if you haven't seen these, you've likely at least heard of them and the impact that they've had on anime as a whole. Anime was an intellectual, creative medium that reflected flair and pizzazz. It wasn't just silly entertainment for kids, like many Western cartoons, and people of all ages could read more
Mar 27, 2014
HelghastKillzone (All reviews)
Welcome to Kill la Kill. This is where fanservice is plot, style is substance and every episode plays out like the finale. This is anime.

From the makers of FLCL, Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking, Kill la Kill is the first television production series under the newly formed Studio Trigger. Its is a tale of a transfer student, Matoi Ryuuko, wielding a scissor-sword, comes to Honnouji Academy to look for her father's killer. Opposing her is the Student Council President, Kiryin Satsuki, as well as her personal guard of the Elite Four, who are developing uniforms of immense power. After an initial fight, where Ryuuko read more
Mar 28, 2014
FelixSerica (All reviews)
Witnessing the Kill la Kill hype train chugging along made me enter the show with negative expectations. The generic revenge plot, school setting and ridiculous designs left me folding my arms and rolling my eyes. It was and still is boldly proclaimed that Trigger is 'saving anime', whatever that means, but while Kill la Kill may be refreshing, is it really a cut above the rest? For better or worse, I could not help but feeling vindicated for holding my initial expectations. With the closing of the last episode, I felt I had just watched a slideshow rather than an engaging narrative.

read more
Mar 15, 2015
cloudflowe (All reviews)
Note: I don't agree with half the stuff I said in this review and I think my writing style is quite immature and undeveloped, but the community got a kick out of it, so I'll leave it here.

Kill la Kill has been praised as hilarious satire of action anime, but it ultimately fails to communicate to the watcher that it is satire by attempting to include profound thought amidst a spectacular display of skin and stupidity.

Story: 3/10
When I saw Ryouku Matoi arriving at Honnouji Academy with half of a scissor to discover who killed her father, I'll admit that I was excited by the premise read more
Mar 4, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Forgive me God of all Weaboos for I have sinned. I didn't enjoy Kill La Kill. Actually, it's worse than that. I fucking HATED Kill La Kill! It wasn't funny, it wasn't clever, it wasn't a "brilliant satire". The animation was decent as befits a modern series with a huge budget, but nothing else was worthy of praise, let alone the amount of sheer adoration this series gets. Many people may disagree with this assessment, but I will explain.

Firstly, I would like to clear something up that has been bothering me. My fellow Americans frequently use the word "satire" incorrectly, to the point that I read more
Mar 30, 2014
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
It’s not often I come across shows that I would consider an “instant classic,” a term that is often thrown out by a lot of movie critics. There have been a lot of anime classics in recent memory that has proved to be worthy of the spotlight and have garnered intense admiration from both casual and hardcore fans. However, these past couple years have shown that the ones that do get a great deal of hype and attention during its inception are looked at with mostly skepticism as to whether they deserved all of it, to begin with. Then in the year 2013, out comes read more
Jun 30, 2014
jzmcdaisy (All reviews)
So if you've read my Attack on Titan review, you know I'm not a fan of the hype but after hearing how similar Kill La Kill was to Gurren Lagann or something like Dead Leaves, I couldn't say no. Its been a while and I felt like my elitist brain could afford to be taken down a notch for a good 24 episodes; and it was heaven. It was like rewatching that show with swords and clothes instead of mechs and flashy lights. Honestly if you were thinking about rewatching Gurren Lagann anytime soon, I'd watch this because you're watching essentially the same show with read more
Mar 28, 2014
jawnmewn (All reviews)
Sometimes a show doesn't need to have the most coherent plot or a cast of sensible and realistic characters to succeed in entertaining its audience. These shows appeal to our emotions and excel at utilizing momentum and suspense to keep us watching and demanding more. While Kill La Kill doesn't bring us anything revolutionary or extraordinary in terms of plot development or character design, the manner in which Trigger presents and delivers the show in a way where you can't help but give it your full attention as you watch an episode. Through a mix of over-the-top fan service, exaggerated confrontations and battle scenes, ridiculous read more
Jan 6, 2015
ZephSilver (All reviews)

When deciding whether an anime is good or not I always critique it based on a certain criteria, with well written story & characters being absolutely essential to qualify. But every now and then there's an anime title that comes along where conventional methods of critiquing become obsolete. These shows often focus on certain aspects that make them unique in their own right and doesn't follow conventional standards. May it be a mindless blockbuster style 'shoot em up' like Black Lagoon, an intense psychological roller coaster like Kaiji or a 'rule of cool' cultural mash-up like Samurai Champloo. These shows all have read more
May 20, 2015
lawlmartz (All reviews)
"Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!” – Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill La Kill - My 40th review, and a very special one for me.

Does it need an introduction? As one of the most hyped, popular, and polarizing anime of 2013 (2013 was a big year for anime) it’s likely that most everyone knows it by reputation, if not having seen it outright.

Artwork and Animation: 10

Kill La Kill is unique. That’s not to say that it’s slightly dissimilar from what immediately marks the art style of anime as a whole, no- it’s one of a kind. It’s obvious that Trigger was under a budget read more
Jun 15, 2014
Derozio (All reviews)
Whether or not you possess the capacity to stomach over-the-top dialogues, scenes and atmosphere in a show is a decisive factor when it comes to what you’d ultimately feel about Kill la Kill when you watch it. It is a really fun show for those that can stomach OTT stuff. On the other hand, it is a cringe-worthy ride for those that can’t. The first episode starts off with our protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, challenging the Student Council president Kiryuin Satsuki holding a giant blade that is apparently one half of what makes a huge pair of scissors. That, my friend, in itself is enough to read more
Jun 11, 2014
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Kill La Kill is the first original work from Trigger, a studio founded by a couple former Gainax employees. It ran from October of last year to March of this year. Its head writer was Nakashima Kazuki, who was also one of the series writers for Gurren Lagann. So, how did Trigger's initial foray into an original series go?


Our tale opens with the militant Honnouji Academy getting a new transfer student. Enter our protagonist, Matoi Ryuuko. She's traveled across the country looking for leads about her father's killer. The trail has led to Honnouji, where the student counsel President, Satsuki, rules with an iron read more
Mar 30, 2014
Kapodaco (All reviews)
When everything is said and done, anime only has one purpose: to entertain. If it fails to do so, it is deemed exactly so, and those who strive to create such entertainment shy away from the subject as a result. On the contrary, if a single anime is deemed so entertaining by the masses that they are willing to rip each other to pieces in order to get a glimpse of what more could be done with the series, those who strive to create such entertainment might feel pressured into doing so out of obligation and greed, rather than for the intended purpose. While this read more
Mar 17, 2017
Artrill (All reviews)

Kill la Kill is not a stupid show. I want to draw this line now. A stupid show is one that blatantly contradicts its established settings or fails to draw verisimilitude by continually destroying its own lack of believability within the world it created. From the very first episode, the world of Kill la Kill remained intact and it never strained my disbelief. This show is silly, not stupid. It revels in its ridiculousness because, as this show blatantly states multiple times, that is the world they live in. It is ridiculous, absurd, and every synonym in between. The premise of the universe is, after read more
Mar 28, 2014
Polim67 (All reviews)
Kill la Kill is the most ridiculously absurd, incredibly shallow, quickly paced, and unconstitutionally brainless show that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. The show works, and it works well. Almost every episode has a hype quotient far beyond anything I've ever seen. The reason it's such a great show is because you watch an episode and are constantly fed nonstop craziness, and its just barrels of fun to watch. Let's break it down.

Story: 8

Alright, so normally I wouldn't give a story like this an 8. There's a lot of plotholes, there's a lot to be desired, and the read more
Apr 7, 2014
Eastunder (All reviews)
Why can't stories be fun anymore? Why must a majority of shows and books be washed with dark themes and tones? Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some darker stories. Hell, some of my favorites, in and out of anime, are rather dark themselves. But what makes those stories good in the first place is the high quality of writing that brought out the potential of the darker themes and tones. After all, the dark stories that lack actual writing talent almost always turn out abysmal. Likewise, it seems that the majority of the stories we get nowadays that attempt to read more
May 9, 2015
kasigah (All reviews)

Okay, with that out of the way.



I have a LOT of admiration for this show. Given, I see some issues with it, but I also see some great aspects as well. Please, if I begin gushing, feel free to slap me.

Story: 7
The story's alright. It's Gurren Lagann with clothes. Start of with one villain, who just wants to oppress. Overcome villain. Find new villain who wants to completely enslave humanity. Explosions ensue. The premise is pretty goofy, but hey, sometimes it's nice to appreciate the goofy. One issue I do have is the obsession with fanservice in this show. It's read more
Jun 10, 2015
phs_togusa (All reviews)
Kill la Kill is one of those shows that my friends adore the shit out of that I'm incapable of getting on with. How could this be, though? I'm a huge fan of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill was made by the same blokes who created the former and for what it's worth, the show really does retain the same sort of fun atmosphere Gurren Lagann had. Unfortunately, that sort of fun atmosphere isn't enough to actually make me like this show. Whereas Gurren Lagann had me cheering on all the senseless stupidity that was going on, Kill la Kill didn't really have me read more
Aug 2, 2015
mac24 (All reviews)
Kill La Kill: it made my head hurt, but not because it's terrible, rather because it's one heck of a ride. It likes to be over the top and it will show. I decided to watch it because there was a big hype around it and saying goes that it was a very interesting show. So I watched it, thus my review:

I'd split it in two parts: the plot which you can kind of tell from the premise and the second part which...is not so foreseeable.

The first part consists of Ryuuko searching for her father's murderer and the secrets around it. For that, she needs read more
May 2, 2014
LeFlower-kun (All reviews)
This is Kill la Kill. This is the anime where hype is the definition of anime itself, where fanservice creates action and where music circulates the blood (pun alert) in your body into a powered-up mechanism of sprawling adrenaline.

Being created by the makers of the highly acclaimed and recognized Gurren Lagann and FLCL, Kill la Kill is brought by the newly formed Studio Trigger. Kill la Kill tells the tale of Ryuuko Matoi, a vagrant school girl wayfaring from location to location who's raison d’être is to search for clues behind the mysterious truth of her father’s death. Wielding a scissor-sword, Matoi arrives to read more