Oct 14, 2016
AobaSuzukaze (All reviews)
If it's not obvious from my rating, I'm a huge Strike Witches fan. I originally found the series randomly on Hulu and eventually I watched all of it, besides the one non- victory ova that I didn't know existed until a few weeks ago, in like 4 days. I love this anime a lot because it's very true to what it is and the movie is the same way. You get a bunch of cute girls with familiars that can use magic to perform moves and fly, and they also don't wear pants, which I've read is because striker units need almost direct skin contact to access the magical energy so they can start the propellers that allow the witches to fly.

Strike Witches the movie gives you a chance to see all the old characters, the fun interactions that you want to see again, a new type of neuroi, and a new girl who was sent to get Yoshika and take her to a top medical school where she can do study abroad. The new neuroi causes lots of havoc which is expected and it's nice to see a new kind instead a recycled old type of neuroi. I don't always like when shows pull this stuff, but Strike Witches is the very definition of friendship is power. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend watching it. Expect what the series offers you and nothing more. Hope you enjoy it too!

I feel like adding one more thing to my review. This movie also keeps the character driven aspect of the series. Considering most of the mains series was episodic, being character driven is important to keep things interesting. You won't be disappointed by this aspect in the movie either.