Oct 4, 2016
CrimsonIblis (All reviews)
I have yet to understand why this series is praised? Its like a soap opera with card games, but you don't get enough time with the actual cardfight? As you can see by my image, I like Vanguard. I thought all 4 seasons before this series was excellent. They made it almost like Yu-gi-oh and almost kept it guessing. Here comes this new series where you don't see the excitement of cardfights anymore. ITS LITERALLY CALLED CARDFIGHT VANGUARD. If you take away the fights, all you get is a soap opera, where characters mope all the time. Now onto the review everyone was looking for~!

Story: 5
NO SPOILERS: A lonely kid in middle school discovers a card shop, where people battle using Vanguard. At first he finds no interest, but like Aichi from the first series he gets sucked in and makes some "cardfight" friends. Unlike the original Vanguard the plot is slow and gets no where really quickly. The first season had a goal, and that goal was set and achieved. Now we got people skipping Cardfights that last only 4 minutes. BEST YET, they don't check for drive triggers. Its like the creators wanted this series to be a soap opera full of fillers and not fighting.

Art: 10
Like all the rest of the Vanguard series, the artwork is amazing. They know exactly how to make a monster come out of a card and attack, but those monsters are short-lived because they are only on the field for...... 20 seconds before the end of the cardfight is near. Still the artwork is amazing.

Sound: 4
There isn't much to say about the sound. Its the same as all the series, same sound effects different battle themes and musical themes. Its okay, I'll give it that. The voice acting is alright as well.

Character: 4
Referring to most of my points, character's get built and relationships get formed with cardfighting which does happen, but when you don't see them struggle or even see the cardfight, how are you suppose to make character development. MOST OF THE DEVELOPMENT, was outside the fights. Where someone talks some sense into a mopey character. This same character development is used throughout the entire series, including the ones to come. I feel like they rushed it too quickly and had a good idea in there heads, but were too lazy to put in the effort.

Enjoyment: 1
I could not enjoy this at all. Cardfights were the highlight of the series before that. You take it away, its a dumb show. Its like Yu-gi-oh without the duels or Gundam without the mechas. Why did I watch all 48? I expected more, so much more and I gave it more chances than ever. Every episode continued to give me more disappointments. Like most people are going to tell me, "Well it's not like the original." I didn't expect it to be the original, I expected cardfights with a good story line *ahem* Link Joker, Legion Mate. Vanguard went down a lot by making this series.

Overall: 2
I suggest anyone who is a Vanguard fan, stay away from this series. You will regret it, if u think the new characters is gonna be like the old series. I suggest you forget about this series and wait until they actually care about the cardfights and the characters. Just let the whole G series blow over and wait for a new series where they fix there mistakes.