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Jan 2, 2019
One of the first Mecha series as a fan, Aquarion has never ceased to amaze me with its plotlines and mecha fights, but after a few years after Evol, I feel as if the writers tried to come up with something new but got lost in where they were heading. Forget what you know about the previous Aquarion's and read onward about the true nature of this series.

I am in no way bashing on this anime, but I believe it really had potential. At first glance, it seems the writers geared this Aquarion towards a more younger audience. The original Aquarion and Evol were geared read more
Mar 3, 2018
B: The Beginning is an interesting anime that is flawlessly put together as an anime that has no manga or resources to begin with. It starts off pretty strange as another one of those shows that has crime and they solve the murders, but each murder and each episode builds off each other fits into place and makes the story unique. The story is good at shockers and confusion into making you question what everything means and the best part is the journey of how it gets there and how all the puzzles pieces fit together.

Story: 10
Most animes can't get a good story going and read more
Oct 4, 2016
I have yet to understand why this series is praised? Its like a soap opera with card games, but you don't get enough time with the actual cardfight? As you can see by my image, I like Vanguard. I thought all 4 seasons before this series was excellent. They made it almost like Yu-gi-oh and almost kept it guessing. Here comes this new series where you don't see the excitement of cardfights anymore. ITS LITERALLY CALLED CARDFIGHT VANGUARD. If you take away the fights, all you get is a soap opera, where characters mope all the time. Now onto the review everyone was looking for~!

Story: read more