Sep 28, 2016
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Story (6/10)

The story follow the rules of a sport anime : a meeting (happen half of the time at least), a MC wanting to be the strongest, bullying, fight between MCs (one being less good than the other or at least thinking so), a reconciliation, rivals and everything. I don't think this a spoil because it really is "cliché" and you expect it.

With only 11 episodes, everything is rushed and you can't really appreciate the story. There is no real good thing to allow this anime to stand above the others. Every other sport anime is better at being a sport anime than this one in my opinion and in this point of view, it is a bad one.

What I think is different from the others is the realism (?) of certain situations. Everything is not easy, like when bad thing happens you get the result of it. Everything does not happen like you want it to.

Art (7/10)

The art is good. But not original at all. It does look like any other sport anime.

Character (6/10)

The MC is not likeable at all, too cold and stubborn to the point of being arrogant. His only quality is being stubborn enough to keep himself from following bad advices from people. And having a really lovable brother (the dose of positiveness of the anime).
The second MC (Gou) is the opposite, being the perfect wife and having a strong spirit. He just does not stand out that much sadly.
The others are pretty average.

Sound (1/10)

Wait, we had to put sound in the anime? Sorry, forgot!
The opening and ending were nice but that's all.
Like I said, don't expect music during sad moments, happy moments, during match or even at all because there will be none. I just noticed one near the end but just because it surprised me (not impressive though).

Enjoyment (6/10)

All in all, I didn't hate it. There was some nice moments. And a lot of BL subtext if you want to see it (even if you don't).
And I did like the jokes.

Overall (6/10)

I won't suggest to anyone to watch this anime for itself but if you don't have anything better to do, and you want to see BL subtext (don't expect too much though) then you can try.
It seems the ending announce more but I'm not sure there will be since I mainly saw bad reviews. But then, I don't know how it was received in Japan.