Sep 16, 2016
Kvasir369 (All reviews)
The premise of the story is how Chise eventually ended up in Elias’ care during the beginning of the manga series. However, because the story starts at some undefined point after that, to tie it into the source materials, it has to be framed in a way that sounds both natural and fitting for the setting. So, in order to allow us to get a feel for the characters, it’s framed through the medium of a story told to Elias by Chise upon finding a book she receives from Angelica Barlei, the woman we see at the beginning of the video.

The setting, as far as we can tell, is set in the modern time-period. Magical creatures, magus, and other otherworldly things exist alongside buildings, cities, and the usual trappings of society.

The characters of the story are somewhat hamstrung by the premise, namely that Chise is the primary protagonist while everyone else is basically a secondary character. Because of this, it’s… relatively hard to get a strong feel for the other characters.

The animation quite pleasing to the eyes, with no major hiccups that you’d find in some longer-running series. As for the music, I’m not an expert but even I can tell that it fit splendidly.

Overall, this is a fairly decent production and a visually pleasing entry into the series’ franchise that I find myself fond of. However, because the expected audience are readers of the manga series, this isn’t exactly newcomer-friendly in regards to the characters and setting. You really will have to read the source materials to get to know the facts better.

That being said, if you are a curious fan of the Supernatural or Slice-of-Life genres and haven’t read the series yet, this is your ticket into seeing a tiny bit of what’s in store for you and should be watched.