Aug 9, 2016
VladWolfsbane (All reviews)
I know I've overrated this anime, but for me Angel Sanctuary harbors memories I hold close to my heart.
This review was originally written in the diary of a young warrior who is no longer among us. Accused of committing high treason he was exiled from the country, but he was given a choice, either that or just watch Angel Sanctuary 100 times over and write a detailed essay on it. Unaware of the danger that lay before him he went with option B......The poor soul was found hanging in his lockup the following day.

Not to brag, but I am far superior to him for I have watched it and I survived.
Oh right this is supposed to be a review.

So, the central character of this story is this constantly bullied guy with a sister complex, where his sister has an equally noteworthy bro-com. I also got the vibe that their mother has a daughter complex from her sadistic behavior towards her son.
Where is this going?
What an ignorant question! It's a battle against god of course. Why's that? I have to explain everything, don't I?
Obviously because the angels tried to destroy the earth.
And so with the power of the lead character it's up to Setsuna Mudo to defeat god and save her sister from food poisoning. Wait, what about the earth......umm...I'm sure I'll be fine, this isn't DBZ after all.

Story: 10^-2
Art: 0.00347689
Sound: 5.6
Character: 10/ ∞
Enjoyment: - ∞

Overall: 3.1