Aug 8, 2016
Synkue_Synchron (All reviews)
I have to say that after watching the first episode I did not know what to expect, but against all odds it was amazing.

STORY 10; the story continues after season one and it just keeps on developping. It is not rushed and everything fits just right to conclude the story.
ART 8; the art was well done, at first I had to adjust to the style, as it is a bit "ruff". Afterwards I think the couldn't have done a better job fitting this art with the story and the characters.
SOUND 8; battles, sad , touching and happy moments where accompanied with great music throught out this series. It's just, personally, great music if it keeps stuck in my mind and this time it did so. I do have to say that the music fits perfectly and thanks to that I shed some tears alright...
CHARACTER 10; I loved the characters from the beginning. Ushio and Tora go so well together and thanks to this continuation of season 1 they got more dept. You see some unexpected reactions from the characters, but what I apprciated the most was that everyone fullfilled their roll excactly right in my eyes.
ENJOYMENT 9; i enjoyed it very much, There where moments I cried, I laughed so hard I would start to cry, I even got chocked sometimes of something unexpected. I certainly wasn't bored while watching this and the first season.

OVERALL 9; i loved the character development the most and the story allong with it. I really enjoyed all episodes which where all epic on their own and amazing together You certwainly need to watch this show as a conclusion to season 1. And just for the epicness.