Jul 9, 2016
buunny (All reviews)

An appalling work by an atrocious author. I have never seen something so bad. I honestly wish that the rating system could go lower for this manga so that I could give it a zero in every category because only then could I be one-hundred percent honest in this review. The art being the only exception to this across the board score of zero and which was the only part of this manga which was handled with any form of wobbling, butcher-like coordination.

The review system says not to write spoilers, but my reasons for rating this abysmal manga so low must be given. In this manga one of the characters, who is a singer, is brutally raped and it is filmed and this is used as a plot device to bring the two characters together into a relationship. His rapists, after his rape, are given tickets to the music group's future shows. And his subsequent interactions with these rapists depict him cowering, but it is depicted as a sort of moe, like the reader is supposed to find his fear cute and the subsequent intervention of his beau heart fluttering. These dialogues are not taken seriously and are played purely for laughs and moe.

He even apologizes to his rapist's sister and it is treated like his rape was deserved, which is just disturbing to me that pen ever met paper and wrote this.

It all comes off as disgusting. A demoralizing and frightening work by an abhorrent, brutal, (apparent to me now after reading this work) fetish author. There is nothing in this manga that could be worth anything to anybody. You would absolutely be wasting your time reading this manga. I would say this manga is for no one with any moral values, not even for those with amoral ones.

However, it can be said that this work is one of a kind. It stands in a league all of its own as I have yet to encounter another work that has been so singularly vile, poorly written, and disgusting. Truly, save yourself some time and read another manga. You will never regret making the decision to read another manga instead of this one.