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Jun 16, 2020
Mixed Feelings
A short review for a short oneshot:

This seems like a proof of concept for a horror manhwa aimed towards teenage girls. It isn’t bad, but whether it is due to page limits in the magazine it was published in or the author’s limitations of skill, it is quickly paced to the point of becoming disjointed which leaves it lacking in suspense. It also speeds quickly through the revelation and conclusion, abruptly ending, leaving the reader without a moment to wade through the dread and terror of the creature that is murdering the students at the school.

Likewise, the true nature of the monster is never revealed. ...
Apr 7, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Tsukikage Baby starts out promising, but quickly lags into boredom when it starts to repeat the same situations, declarations, and rejections over and over again like a skipping record. It reads with the intention of having a different ending than it was given, as the main character has feelings for a character for the entire series before giving them up in the last three chapters. So, the ending seemed unlikely, disappointing, and forced.

Since it is a romance manga, it is horrible to have messed up the believability of the romance between the two characters, who wound up together, so much. In every romance, there is ...
Apr 7, 2019
Preliminary (12/34 chp)
Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo is an interesting read. It’s a shounen title about a group of girls’ sexual awakening through literature written and drawn by a duo of women. It charts their course from learning love and sex on paper to learning what it feels like for real with sensitivity towards the girls’ experiences and emotions that are often overlooked or sexualized in books of this type when they’re written by men.

That is not to say that the girls in this book are not sexual, they most certainly are, but they are not objectified. Rather, Okada-sensei introduces us in each chapter to some new ...
Apr 23, 2017
This manga was made at the time when companies like Marvel, Tokyopop, and others were trying to break into the manga craze with titles like Peach Fuzz and the X-Men manga. They imitated Japanese manga, did not understand manga, nor its appeal to western manga fans. Most of these titles were a cross between manga and comic books that were not really either, revolting both American comic book fans and manga fanatics alike. This left little to no audience willing to purchase these products as they lacked both eastern and western identity, possessing only an awkward, uncanny mash-up of something in between. Thus, most of ...
Feb 7, 2017
The story is disjointed. The first half of the story barely has any relation to the second half. Many characters are introduced in the first half that are not mentioned again later on.

Any character development is abandoned by the middle and is a plot devise to move the "story" along. Alice's involvement in track and ballet are used to make her more interested in "Judas". However, she reveals to Hana that she has no interest in finding out about him. Both leads are static.

There is a forced scene in the middle that leads to an hour of filler. The original story was a one volume ...
Jul 9, 2016
Preliminary (8/8 chp)

An appalling work by an atrocious author. I have never seen something so bad. I honestly wish that the rating system could go lower for this manga so that I could give it a zero in every category because only then could I be one-hundred percent honest in this review. The art being the only exception to this across the board score of zero and which was the only part of this manga which was handled with any form of wobbling, butcher-like coordination.

The review system says not to write spoilers, but my reasons for rating this abysmal manga so low must be ...
Jun 15, 2013
I decided to buy My Bambi because I really liked the cover art. Some manga artists’ comics tend to look like cleaned-up sketches or like the artist has some sort of horror vacui. However, this is not My Bambi, as Ozaki-sensei’s art and story made this short, four-chapter manga a pleasure to read.

My Bambi is about an overly-serious class representative named Nanase Haruko, who only wants to study and has no interest in other people, and Hachiya Chiharu, a delinquent who ...