Jun 30, 2016
ae_shinobi (All reviews)
This manga recieves a 10/10 so its a complete 100% of an awesome manga!

If they ever decide to create an anime for this manga, I really HOPE and PRAY they follow this manga closely! If not it will be a waste of time and effort on their part.

You know the saying " the books are better than the movies?" Well it will be the same case for this manga, I want to be able to have the visual and auditory happiness. (If that makes any sense LOL)

Anyways, this is the type of story where one can imagine our selves in the shoes of the characters. Or relate to what they do or why they did it. It is well written, (even though I read it through scanlations once it is in english and available for Americans I will be ready to buy one), each character is alive in the manga. All the emotions. And especially the twins, how they grow up, its like we are also raising them too LOL, the relationship status between Shiharu and Seiji. (I think this is acceptable right? I am not giving away to much information?) At any rate, I think it took me a year to finally finish this series, and I am a little sad that it is finally over, but I am so glad the author decided to have a sequel! Not to mention it is all about the twins! I am so excited to read more from this author, even though she does not have other works so I wonder what's gonig on through her mind right now?

The art is amazing, and captured wonderfully. At any rate I am glad I read this and finished it.