Jun 22, 2016
*SPOILER-FREE Short and Cute ^_^ Review for the Initial D series*
(If you haven't watched fifth stage you should! just to get to these four episodes!! >_<)
Also pardon my Exclamation marks use but that's how much I liked this season!!

Fifth Stage left me a little demotivated and I had to force myself to begin Final Stage. And Thank God! If you love the Initial D series, please sit through Fifth Stage just to get to this one.

+++This race is unlike any other I've seen and that's all I will say about it! Just when Fifth season made me forget about Takumi, he entered from a corner and made me remember what I had missed and showed me how much he has changed!
For two episodes my heartbeat got so weird - it literally beat fast but kept sending so much chills throughout my torso I had to clutch myself the whole hour!
+The emotional ups and downs that both drivers go through within the most unpredictable race's span is shown very nicely.
Even though Takumi is the one we root for, you still feel for the kid cause both are so alike. (Also I wished he would've been the main character cause he is so much cuter! and Takumi is like...meh)
- I guess the only part I dislike was how the characters spoke as if they were conversing for the first time just in order to give the viewers exposition.

Did I enjoy this show? It's been two hour since I finished watching and I'm still feeling cold in a 33 degree environment...sooo....pretty much a lot more than any thing I've ever watched!!!
(Also I think a health check-up is due now....
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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