Jun 13, 2016
AyyyItsNaru (All reviews)
Kenichi is your average protagonist.
Gets beat up
Gets a master
Gets OP as fk
Beats up everyone
Good shit.
But it's a 500+ chapter manga and I get that alot of people might not have the time to experience it fully but I'd say it's worth the read. It's like Naruto,you have to grow with it. Everyone remembers Naruto,right? It's not THAT good of a series but because we grew with him,he's like our childhood hero like Goku. Kenichi is somewhat the same as us. Plain old ordinary human. None of that chakra BS. Kenichi has to go through trials after trials that'll test his love for Miu and that's what I love about him. He never gives up even if he was nearly killed. He kept on going and tries his hardest. He isn't gifted like his peers so he has to go through hellish training to become someone great and can't we apply that to us in real life as well? We need to never give up and keep working even though we REALLY want to give up because at the end,it'll be all worth it. That's why I love Kenichi so much that I'll read it 3 times.