Jun 10, 2016
Let's be honest, this story will be confusing for a good amount of people who are not familiar with Chinese culture. Originally this is an anime that was a collaboration between japan and china, making the Japanese voice over harder to understand because of all the chinese idioms.

This review is more of a comparison than a review of how good it was. This is because it really does depend on whether or not you can understand or relate to chinese culture.


This anime will be very different for those who love anime. The plot pace will be different and more chinese paced where the whole back story is presented before the main problem of the story appears. To make it more simple the story is about the efforts and life of a character who is growing up as they face many different life choices (like a saga or biography), instead of the (mostly seen) japanese action battles packed episodes that make a character grow as they continue to peruse the problem of the story.

-The comedy will also be different and so will the behaviors of the characters.
- The plot will span over many years (so # year later will show up a lot)
-There is more scheming and mental process within this anime
-And characters will be overbearingly powerful (aka too perfect)

Also this anime, whether they deiced to make another season or not, will depict the main character training to become stronger. So their will be no awesome plot problem until the very end of the last episode.

Why you should watch:

If you'd like to try watching something different and away from all the usual product anime, you might as well give this anime a go. Japanese and Chinese culture are very different and may just interest you just by how different they are.

To be fair chinese manhua/ china in general never get this type of attention, getting their own anime with a full 22-24mins long ep (most are reduced to online airing of short 5-15 mins). My opinion of this anime maybe be slightly biased for being good. But i'll be truthful that it's not the best story i've come across, but its one of the better ones.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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