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Jun 10, 2016
Let's be honest, this story will be confusing for a good amount of people who are not familiar with Chinese culture. Originally this is an anime that was a collaboration between japan and china, making the Japanese voice over harder to understand because of all the chinese idioms.

This review is more of a comparison than a review of how good it was. This is because it really does depend on whether or not you can understand or relate to chinese culture.


This anime will be very different for those who love anime. The plot pace will be different and more chinese paced where the whole ...
Mar 20, 2016
This movie had a good standing on the art side of the animation. Although very similar character designs to the Wolf Children (by the same creator), especially the main protagonist's design.

The story itself started off really interesting, developing into something that can keep your interest. Unfortunately the beginning was the only part of the movie that was enjoyable. Continuing into the story it had many weirdly placed information or even scenes that made the movie feel rushed and not fully developed. You get introduced to some characters that make you feel that they were conveniently put there instead of them showing up naturally with ...

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