May 26, 2016
JoshuaJones16 (All reviews)
I'll openly admit, Fairy Tail has been hit or miss for me the pass couple of years. Well more or less the anime. When I first saw it I loved the hell out of it and watched the episodes on repeat. When the 2014 season came out I can't fully explain why but I just couldn't get into and paid more attention to the manga for the most part really. Fairy Tail has got a little on my nerves a little though. It just certain stuff that kept me off it for a couple of months. But this... I think this has a good chance of being pretty good

Hello all you people. For those who don't know I'm Josh and today I am reviewing (will be revised when all episodes air) the first episode of the Fairy Tail 2016 OVA. Let's do this people.

Story- It was mostly fan service and was based off a bet from the grand magic games between team A and Team B of Fairy Tail. I won't say who won cause I don't want to spoil it fully, but the losing team had to basically do what the others said. That being said going back to what I first said, the first episode was mostly ecchi and fan service. Don't worry though it is not Eiken level though. God forbid any anime go that low. There was a nice thing with Cana and Wendy which I did smile at and I did laugh at a couple of things. Overall the story gets a 7/10 from me

Art- Arts never been a issue with me in Fairy Tail especially with A-1 at the helm of it. It is pretty good and I loved it. Overall the art gets a 8/10 from me.

Sound- Being a OVA I wasn't expecting some great song. The opening and ending were alright though. Pretty average to me compared to the other fairy tail openings and endings. That might just be me though. Voice acting was good as always so I can't really complain about that though. Overall sound gets a 7/10 the voice acting being the main thing keeping that from being lower from me

Characters- Other than the main ones, I have always struggled with remembering the members in fairy tail and the other guilds. Some are eh to me, others are alright and the rest I have to see their faces or atleast called by their name for me to remember. But the first episode had pretty much the character I know about the most and care about the most in the first episode. Plus I'm not a big Cana fan and never have beenbut I will openly admit I liked her in this first episode and the moment she had with Wendy. I sincerely liked it. But overall I'm giving it a 6/10

Enjoyment- I enjoyed it. I have moved away a little from Fairy Tail but I sincerely enjoyed seeing this. Granted some weird ecchi and fan service scenes I did enjoy it. 7/10

Overall- It was a pretty good 1st episode in the OVA. I enjoyed it fully. I recommend you guys check this out. Overall the first episode gets a 8/10 from me. Granted some people might not want to see it because of the fan services, it is pretty good overall

And with that I am out. Peace People