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May 4, 2017
What to do oh what to do. I completed 200 anime so props to myself for that. Cause of that I probably should being reviewing that or my 201st but no. Instead, I must force myself to recall the horrors of the anime with one of the most annoying narrators in my entire existence....Divine Gate.

I have no history with this. I don't know anything about the mobile game this is based off of. This is something that purely caught my interest and that's about it. Let's just get this over with as I do another review after a long time of not doing them....oh yeah read more
Sep 4, 2016
Well seeing the fact that I am big ass Persona fan and it is the only game I am hyped for besides Pokemon Sun and Moon, I decided to review the special. This is covering the anime for the new 5th installment (not counting Golden, FES, Persona 3 portable and the other spinoffs) in the Persona franchise which I love almost as much as I do Pokemon

For those that don't know this is basically the special to showcase the gist of the new Persona 5 game WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL BUY!

.....Kidding Kidding. I'm kidding don't take it seriously....Well don't take 30% seriously.....Moving On!

anyway back on read more
Jul 21, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Well...I already reviewed one of the Spring Anime Bombs might as well review the other.

Hello People I am Josh and today I am reviewing the anime Mayoiga (Lost Village) brought to us by Diomedia who....I am definently not familiar with at all....Let's jump into it.

Story- The story is brought to us by the same man responsible for Another, a decent to good horror anime (fuck the last episode though). Because of that people immediately went into to this anime thinking there would be some horrifying things and blood being spilled everywhere. But I am here to tell you that that is wrong. It is not read more
Jul 14, 2016
Oh boy. I....I don't even...I don't even know where to begin with this crap. I don't. I really don't.

Well got to try I guess. Hellos people I am Josh and today I am reviewing the gender-bender anime Himegoto....Yeah.

Story- The story is about a guy who cross dresses who is in debt thanks to his parents. He gets saved by three middle school council members and basically becomes there bitch in exchange for them paying his huge debt.

.............*Takes sip of water*

....What? You thought there more? You thought I go more into detail? Well I hate to break it to you but that is really the only read more
Jul 8, 2016
In light of Danganronpa 3 anime coming out (and before anyone ask, no you did miss a 2 cause there wasn't one...don't ask please) I decided to review danganronpa the anime because it (and I need to get some reviews for anime I like) Let's do this.


The story is decently adapted which I am happy about because if they didn't adapt this atleast decently I would be pissed to no end. But in the end it was decently adapted. Granted it suffered from being rushed especially with investigations and trials (which improved going to the end due to less people being alive at the read more
Jul 1, 2016
Well time to get the full review of this still highly debated anime.

Hello people. For those that don't know I am Josh and today I am doing my full review on Sword Art Online, the anime where you either love it or hate. Let's do this!

Story- The first arc sounds good on paper like I said before in my first review. It does, I be lying if I said I thought it wasn't. The first five episodes in this arc were...okay. Loved the first and second episodes and got through the next 3 episodes okay, but then it just went down for me there. It read more
Jun 24, 2016
Ah Big Order...An anime I didn't even knew existed up until it ended. Really not kidding when I say that. I didn't.

Hello people. I'm Josh and today I am reviewing the first half of Big Order, probably the defintion of a spring anime bomb (atleast to most people)

Now for those that don't know, Big Order is from the same creator of the ever popular Future Diary. Apparently this was an anticipated anime because of this guys work with Furure Diary but I be lying if I said I was excited. Not because I hate Future Diary. It cause I haven't seen it and I can't read more
Jun 22, 2016
Shokugeki No Souma or Food Wars is based off the manga by the same name. In fact I didn't even fully know what this was when it first came out and I skipped it. Now? I kinda regret that.

Hello fellow anime fans. For those that don't know I am Josh, and today I am here to review the first season of Shokugeki No Souma. Let's do this.

Story- Story is simple enough. It's about Souma Yukihira, are MC in this story going to Tootsuki, the most largest and well known cooking school probably in the world in this story. His dad sent him there and now read more
Jun 20, 2016
You really did it Japan. You finally did it. You did the one think that is unthinkable. You made Twilight the anime.....Just...Bravo....Brav-F*cking-o

For those that don't know I am Josh and today, I am reviewing the anime Twilight the anime version. Or if you want to get technical with it or whatever I guess you could call it Diablok Lovers

Story- About some girl thst gets sent to some mansion or whatever by her father. There she is staying with a bunch of guys that...get this...Are vampires. So we got a reverse harem full of vampires...No comment.

In all reality this is basically just about that girl read more
Jun 14, 2016
Hello people. For those who don't know I am Josh and I am here to review the anime that like Eiken is board line hentai. That's right folks. Today I am reviewing bikini warriors which is somehow surprisingly PG 13....Let's just get on with this.

Story- ...The title is self explanatory. Like really. If your expecting anything but ecchi, fan service and board line hentai moments you are in the wrong place. I mean just reading the title can tell you what this is going to be.

Anyway the show is set in an rpg type environment which was to a point. Mildly amusing at best. It read more