Apr 28, 2016
Rahzek (All reviews)
Divine Gate is the absolute worst show I've ever had the displeasure of watching to completion, let's go over a rundown of our characters and what they're trying to do.

Before you go any deeper let me explain that this isn't a review, this is a complete summary of this series and why you should never, NEVER watch it.
I'm not going to bullshit you with any of the plot or on their names either, it's really going to be as bad as it sounds.

The Divine Gate is basically an all powerful wish granting device and it was used previously to inadvertently tear apart the borders between the realm of the gods, spirits, and Earth.

We have our protagonist Blue, his "friends" Green and Red (yup, those are their names) Blue is the suspect to a very serious massacre that happened years ago but there's an adapter academy that doesn't actually have any classes that wants to recruit him to join their school (adapters are people capable of using supernatural elements). A boy named Arthur is something like the student council president and has The Knights of the Round Table featuring a bunch of ripped off names left and right such as Lancelot.

When Arthur was a boy he was sent to some other world to escape something, while here he met a young boy who called himself Santa Clause. Ever since Arthur met Santa he's been bent on restoring order to the world by using the Divine Gate to segregate the realms to their original planes. Arthur seems to be friends with 2 gods that find him interesting for whatever reason and so they say they're "observers" of how he plans to go about reaching the Divine Gate; Loki and The Wizard of Oz... The world is run by a "council" which doesn't necessarily explain how order is kept. The council isn't against the idea of Arthur seeking out the Divine Gate but pulls more of a "We don't care if you try to get there, but if you get there we'll have to kick your ass" kind of approach towards him.

And so begins Arthur's adventure to the Divine Gate, naturally he brings all the members of the Knights of the Round Table but also invites our 3 little classmates Blue, Red, and Green. Arthur opens a portal which everyone goes through to start their journey to the Divine Gate which basically is a seemingly endless amount of hallways with additional doors to open until you finally reach the gate. Halfway or so through these endless corridors our heroes are met by the Scandinavian gods, who were sent by the Wizard of Oz with super powered weapons to "stop" them from continuing their journey, and so the Wizard of Oz knows just how powerful these gods with these weapons are and knows there's absolutely no chance for them to be defeated. Oz assumed Arthur and friends will turn tail and give up on the Divine Gate, but that doesn't quite happen. they fight their hardest, until just about everyone that's a part of the Round Table becomes a sacrifice to allow Arthur, Blue, Red, Green to continue going through the corridors. The Wizard of Oz finds out the Scandinavian gods killed everyone and starts to act like he's all butt hurt over sending his pals to kill everyone, so then he tries to make things right, by crying about it. After narrowly escaping the Scandinavian gods Arthur and the color brigade have to face the next trial before they can reach the Divine Gate, which is that everyone attempting to reach the gate has to have experienced a massive amount of despair. Arthur is excluded from needing to go through despair, Blue has been through despair his whole life being abused by his family because he wasn't supernaturally gifted "yet" while his brother was loved by them, Red thought his father had died in a lab accident, and Green had a childhood friend that wanted to be her "one and only best friend forever" and Green was like "that's too heavy, why can't we just Netflix and chill?" and her best friend was like "I don't understand!" and runs off never to be seen again. so now Loki joins the fray with his pal Shakespeare who has the ability to write a story that traps whoever she wants within an illusion to act out a play. Amidst the entrapment set by Shakespeare, Red meets his deceased father and believes it to actually be him, but then realizes that he was too nice to be his father and dissipates the illusion, as for Green she meets her long lost best friend within the illusion and then realizes it's not her because she said it was fine that they didn't need to be the best of friends. Immediately after breaking free of the illusion, Red is faced with his real father who actually isn't dead and said the council used that as a cover up, but just as they rejoice to find each other again, one of the Scandinavian gods shows up and his dad tells him to escape while he fights off the god, naturally his dad really dies this time right in front of him and he experiences enough despair to reach the gate, then we move on to Green, after her illusion she's confronted by her long lost best friend; who had actually been with the Wizard of Oz this whole time for some reason and changed her name to Dorothy. You know what happens next; that's right, a Scandinavian god shows up and kills her right in front of Green. Blue has to fight to the death against his brother who was the actual culprit of the massacre years ago, but Blue loves his brother he can't just kill him. so then Blue defends himself until he has to retaliate and his brother's all like "I knew you didn't love me, because you wouldn't let me kill you!" and then he walks off, so now that everyone has the appropriate amount of despair to get them to look at the Divine Gate they go through the final corridor and reach the gate, the color brigade then uses their powers of despair to open the door to the Divine Gate to let Arthur inside, but soon as he gets in there Loki shows up and now it's time for Arthur to pull out Excalibur and fight Loki off, Arthur loses of course but he's not really hurt, Loki throws down a demonic mind control sword and says "just grab that sword and everything will be okay" and of course he picks the sword up after saying "you won't take control of me!" and then he gets mind controlled. Soon as he gets mind controlled Lancelot who miraculously survived the onslaught of the Scandinavian gods shows up and runs to Arthur asking how things are going, and mind-control Arthur stabs him through the chest just to make sure none of the Knights of the Round Table survive. The color brigade knows better than to fight against mind control Arthur and Loki so they get outta there real quick and plan to come back for Arthur later.

So they're back in town and the council knows they got to the Divine Gate and even though they didn't get to use it they're so mad that they're gonna pull the color brigade in for questioning and send them to prison. They had a guy who was like their friend at school who says he's gonna help them explain themselves and so he runs off to see the council, when this fucker comes back he literally brings the swat team to their hiding spot and is like "JUST TURN YOURSELVES IN YOU CRIMINALS!" and then Santa Clause shows up through some magic portal for the first time in front of the color brigade to help them gtfo of this mess, the color brigade is like "how we gonna trust someone named Santa that carries around a bat with nails in it like some delinquent" and eventually they're like "alright let's see how this goes" and then Santa goes berserk mode on the swat team and they get the hell outta dodge.

Santa's got a plan, they're gonna go back to the Divine Gate and rescue Arthur so they go back through the endless corridors and get to the Divine Gate a second time, so they get there and the color brigade is totally talked out of using the Divine Gate because they're told "is your wish worth changing the entire world?" because any wish made would have the fabric of the universe change for some reason but then the corridors start to collapse and shit's falling everywhere and so they just up and get the fuck out of there, didn't even save Arthur yet or anything. They're outta there and are greeted by Lancelot and everyone now is just like "I THOUGHT ARTHUR KILLED THIS GUY?!" and then he's just like "Nah, all the Knights of the Round Table are safe too" after we saw them all die, and then Lancelot's like "We're gonna get Arthur back though" then you hear the council say "The location of the Divine Gate cannot be confirmed."

BAM series ended.

There are slight minor details I skipped over obviously being that I don't want to recall this pile of shit, but I think most of it is right there for you to understand.

I hope you never watch this series because oh my god it was horrible.