Apr 14, 2016
Preliminary (9/? chp)
In the author's own words:

"The main character of the book is a skeletal mage, leading a large evil organization like the last boss of a game.
I don't believe the main characters in novels and movies who rescue people without asking for anything in return.
Readers who acknowledge that prioritizing yourself is the right mentality will enjoy this book.
It's very direct."

After reading it, he was right.

Story + Character + Enjoyment -
This series is in the view point of the invaders instead of the more common angle of the invaded.
It takes heavy inspiration from d&d and other mythology and has a distinct "strategy + game" feeling to it.
The protagonist of Overlord isn’t the type who only deals with the danger right before them, but one who will take the initiative to accomplish his goals and gain benefits for himself.
Detailed descriptions and subtle future hints are abound but do not defer in the enjoyment even for a reader who does not like reading that much.
The characters are all well characterized and developed even for those who do not have much screen time since the direct writing style really brings out the personalities in a clear and concise manner.

Art -
Beautifully drawn art by so-bin that fits the series and everything in it.

Overall -
If is something to compare it to it would be Tolkien books.
Truly a masterpiece in the making not just in novels but in all of literature.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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