Apr 5, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I may be the minority opinion here but I pretty much struggled to finish this anime, in fact i was on the verge of stopping from watching it completely . Why? Well it really has nothing to do with the quality of the anime or anything like that, it's just that frankly I could rarely get even a chuckle from it- and it being a comedy anime, made it impossible to skip through any of it as that was what it mainly offered.

I am perfectly aware this was a reboot targeted towards the Japanese demographic, but as someone who tends to have a rather wide-spectrum of humor, I had a hard time getting behind the comedic aspects at all. Especially with how much the anime forces something funny to happen out of thin air, it becomes a chore to watch. I think this is because everything about this anime is heavily bent on being Japanese on almost every aspect- which is perfectly fine, but it's obvious this wasn't made for anyone outside of Japan to understand.

Each 25 minute episode has numerous segments, at first i thought it was actually fun at first but it gradually became annoying and in my opinion very detaching. I ended up skipping some segments as I simply did not enjoy the plot, which was something that also heavily influenced my criticism for this anime. A good portion of the story of each segment felt very stretched out at times or even repetitive as segments beforehand shared a very similar basis/outcome.Once again, I get it- it's supposed to be funny and random, but it always bothered me how the amount of scenarios the sextuplets were in that it was sort of like they had amnesia of the person they were interacting with. It didn't feel progressive, or like as if what you were watching was actually accumulative aside from at most reoccurring characters that just end up being thrown in to quite literally fill in the background or maybe show up for a line at most - there just no development that felt like watching it in order was pointless.

Regardless of the massive amount of inconsistency and flawed humor for me, I can't ignore the obvious dedication and love the people who made this anime put in, you can tell they really wanted to please their fans by tipping their hat towards the classic series and generally enhance for not only the old fans but the newcomers of the series as well. The visuals are simplistic yet very well done (especially with how colorful it is), the sound is excellent, and i really enjoyed the characters, especially the sextuplets.

Now, if there is something that i felt this anime shined in it was actually the serious ,dramatic episodes - there's about 3 that's revolved around the main 6 (well from what I remembered) and they were actually the most memorable episodes to me. I know that praising a comedy anime for content that isn't it's main focus is kind of unjust but I really felt the need to acknowledge their ability to really tug your heart strings as it depicted moments that had alot of depth to them despite the majority of the anime was a never ending joke in comparison.

If you've watched a clip that shows what the anime is like and you get a laugh out of it, then watch it, because that's exactly the content you'll be seeing for the majority of the time. If you could barely laugh about it at all and found it sort of obnoxious like I did, I would skip it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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