Mar 23, 2016
tomateunmate (All reviews)
It's hard to find mangas that have as a first genre romance, you usually have it with comedy and it's always a flavor added to adventure, but to find a story that deals entirely with the life of a functioning couple it's more or less rare. Fujoshi Kanojo is a fun light story about a laid back guy who falls in love with full blown fujoshit. At some point it crosses a line into something that it's clearly pointed towards people who identify with it, up to jokes about the BL genre and it's particular culture.

I personally stand by most stories that get the couple together before the first quarter of the run and avoid trying to force drama with side interests and outside challanges to the couple. In that regard this is a good manga. The main issue that I'm sure that everyone who reads it will have is that it just ends. It's already a problem that there are no side stories even though most characters deserve a little spotlight, but even the main couple could had gone through much more. You can feel towards the end that the writer is repeating ideas and doesn't have anywhere to go, but at least an epilogue showing how life went on would had been basic courtesy.

If you want a light read about people who love BL and those who love them go ahead, but don't get too involved in it or expect some sort of resolution/end. It would be smart to just read it on a side when you take a break from something you like.