Mar 17, 2016
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This review will be rigged with League of Legends references. If you don't get it, you obviously need to start playing the game right now. And no there's no spoiler.

Konosuba > DotA 2 *Grabs boobs*.

At a quick glance, Konosuba might be as average as any other RPG harem where the MC is Faker playing against a bunch of Crowns and Kuros, where all he has to do is perform a barrel roll on stage then proceed to win Worlds. Three times.

WRONG. It's far from that yet it was so good that I would consider this anime to be THE anime of the season. How? (MF support duh)

After 10 episodes directed by Mr. Michael Bay, our party of Bronze V garbage feeders still hasn't managed to get out of the ghetto ass town made for noobs and losers, let alone destroying the enemy Nexus. Basically, the plot moved SLOWER THAN THE FUCKING CLOCK WHEN I'M AT WORK. At the very least, they did manage to slay a super fed Mordekaiser (but he did nothing wrong ;_;), farm that clueless Tahm Kench over and over and survive a debacle of One-for-all Renekton gank.


The art was bright and colorful, reflecting the overall mellow mood. the background and water art were especially beautiful that they gave me eyegasm. The skin, textures and animation is fairly good, but at times they were sloppy like a bunch of chimpanzees were substituted in to take charge of production.

The soundtracks and OP/ED songs were okay, fairly relaxing, mellow which captured the overall silly and light-hearted nature of the series but not that impressive (to me at least). It would've been better if the troll music from Random LoL Moments on Youtube were used. On the other hand, the voice acting was superb which greatly contributed to the comedy and overall enjoyment of the series. Kazuma's "Hai, Kazuma desu", Aqua's cries and rants were so hilarious I can't even.

What made Konosuba highly enjoyable was the team of 5 totally dysfunctional, insufferable trash players and the comedy that resulted from their inability to cooperate, which led to their flaming one another and getting utterly raped by whatever's going on around them. Konosuba makes fun of the RPG genre and its cliches in general instead of following them, leaving a stronger impression on me, the viewer who's obviously tired of SAO, Log Horizons and such. Furthermore, no anime would be complete without this most fundamental rule: Cute girls. Konosuba's cast of girls (and Kazuma) were cute, yes, they're even highly distinctive and did not fall into apparent tropes that are so overused nowadays, making them relatively fresh.

"Baa.......kaaaa Ta...taaa......taric-kun, it's not like I wanted to go bot lane with you or anything... Don't misunderstand" - Tsundere Ezreal.

"I'm sorry Lux-chan, I, Taric, Ezreal-tan's eternal lover will be the only one allowed to go bot lane with him" *Swings hammer* - *Rainbow splatters* - Yandere Taric

No, no, we don't need any of that, get outta here.


- The adc: Satou Kazuma, leader, our hella weak dickwad of an adc compared to Jesus-kun of the RPG world Kirito, but he's got the brain and he actually fights smart despite his auto-flaming. His cynical and realist attitude separated him from our usual never-give-up nakama-powered MCs, which might as well make him the best MC of the season. He's the only adc to not dive into the middle of the enemy team, as rare as it sounds. He's surrounded by idiots and the way he deals with them is uber hilarious, reminds me of how I deal with my own League party. You did not realize that the adc is a melee, and you're not going to question it. Move on


- The Mid Laner, One Explosion Girl a.k.a Michael Bay's waifu: She's basically Ziggs but with only the Ult, thus she's literally useless after using it, requiring someone to carry her (literally and figuratively) else she'll feed the enemy team's Tahm Kench and Mordekaiser. She is, of course, flamed by Kazuma throughout the series. She's cute, yeah, but she's not like your average moeblob. She's got explosive personalities, explosive ambitions and explosive love for explosions. Hue


- The Top Laner, a.k.a MasoLeona: What's better than a tank? A MASOCHISTIC TANK!!!!!!! She's tankier than Rammus, Malphite, and Alistar w/ full tank build combined but her aim is worse than mine in the morning trying to piss while blinded by the Satan God Teemo (he's the real Demon King they have to kill). Needlessly to say, she joyously took all the aggro and flaming like a real M. Scenes where she verbally "abused" the honorable Dullahan were priceless. Poor Dully. If only she could aim her E properly... Who even plays Leona top nowadays? This is like fucking Dyrus trolling every game when he's streaming after having retired from TSM.


- The Support, Best Girl (sorry Michael Bay fans): Basically your toxic feeder Nami with legs building ap instead of support items while going around trash talking to people and fucking shit up with wataah. She's super derp, always trying to ragequit, feeds Tahm Kench furiously and is constantly flamed by Kazuma but that's where the fun comes from. She just needs a hug and I wanna give her a big hug so badly because she was forced to play support by Kazuma, it's not her fault guys!!!


- The Jungler, Wizzlestick (because ap jungler w/ drain, but then again it's a contradiction because she is... well... thick, while Fiddlestick is... well... a stick): The one who is super fed but only came to gank like twice during the entire anime but who cares? She's kind and cute af, and she destroys the enemy when it matters most. Unfortunately the support absolutely hates her guts because she's not playing a meta champ, but this is the only time when not everyone blamed the jungler for their misery. If only she ganked lane more often, she'd be a best girl contender. Let's be honest that she's only here because I don't want to have a team of 4 when implementing League of Legends in my review.


Everyone is 1/10 fed and 9/10 feeder, however due to the circumstances they have to stick together because 4 is always better than 1 (5 if the Jungler actually showed up). This is where Konosuba is most different and in a good way, the characters slowly get stronger, better at teamwork, more sympathetic and understanding of one another over, (still weak in the end), not shitting out powers and eternal bonds of friendship all of a sudden. Nobody gets ult from Level 1 guys...


I could relate to Kazuma so well, being a decent League player who prefers to stick to a group of average feeders and make them better, rather than joining a bunch of diamonds because then victory doesn't feels like a true accomplishment, and there's no fun curb-stomping the enemy team all the time. Believe me, I raged hard the night I wrote this review because we played like retards lol.


After successfully defending the base from Super Siege Minion spawned by Warlord's Banner of Command, our gang must head into the counteroffensive to be brought by season 2. But until then, let's just say that season 1 was exhilarating to watch. I especially appreciated the silly comedy, the anti-harem and anti-OP MC themes from the series.

Michael Bay would be so proud of Megumin and Konosuba, someone needs to show him this series please.

DEFEAT.... barely avoided.