Mar 10, 2016
_Poochyena_ (All reviews)
The story begins with an interesting concept I've never seen used before. That immediately pulled me in and kept my attention for the duration of the series. Throughout the story, many complex and diverse issues pop up that challenge the characters. Watching their approach to the problems and their interactions with each other strained and strengthened was a treasure to observe.

The artwork is not flashy or especially memorable during any moments, but this shortcoming is easily overlooked thanks to the story and character depth in the series.

The background tracks didn't have a staple sound that resonated with me or even caught my attention but the vocal recordings for Mitsuki's concerts and performances impressed me. A real singer was hired and brought in to make music for an animated character and that is honorable.

The main characters Mitsuki, Meroko, and Takuto have unique personalities. Each one has a trait that stands out and defines them as an individual. These characters are realistic enough to relate to on an actual human level and they are imaginative enough to entertain, frustrate, or inspire you at any point in the show. The characters and their interactions with each other, their adversaries, and the life's curve balls keep you on your toes. There's never a dull moment because they're young enough to make a lot of mistakes but they're experienced enough learn from them and do better in the future.

This is an enjoyable series with the combination of a great story and equally amazing characters to support it. This series is long and personal enough to draw you into their world, wrap you up in their problems, and lift you up with their successes. It's a very emotional journey that challenges important matters of the heart. The abstract concepts and realistic consequences are what make this series entertaining.

Overall score: 8/10
It lacked in a few areas, but the parts it excelled in overshadowed the flaws.