Feb 5, 2016
ZeroAlice (All reviews)
This is an adaptation for one of the best manhwa out there, Noblesse.
Let me give u a head start if you want to watch this OVA. dont expect that it will cover up most of the manhwa since this is only a 30 minute adaptation and there'll be some fast pacing in the story but still for me I find it enjoyable to watch.

STORY: 8/10

forgive me if I only scored it 8 but the OVA has made me crave for more. the ending was not that bad. I JUST wished they made it longer lol. I also gave it an 8 since the OVA hasnt changed from the original storyline which was GREAT I say, since some of us knows that OVAs usually has another world of its own.

ART: 10/10

WOW. Just WOW. The art was very very GOOD. They really put a great effort in doing this OVA. And All I can say is, Great Job IG Prod. Great Job.
The art was beautifully drawn and characters was also given proper animation. Im really amaxed on how they've done this. The art on this one is a must see.

SOUND: 8/10

There is no OST present. just some bgms which fits the story and every scenes. do i need to say more?


EXCELLENT! I can kiss IG Productions for this. they've given judgement to the characters. even their voices!! Rai is so gorgeous so as Frankenstein. they really didnt stray to the original manhwa and still had given proper execution on every characters. Even the villains.


Literally, I'm screaming every scenes. I enjoyed it so much and never expected that the OVA was really good. Every scene and characters are pinpoint and it made me jumped every time. If you are one of the fan of the series I say give this OVA a go. Its worth it.


I recommend those who read the manhwa to also take time to watch this OVA. Its really worth the watch although it may leave you with lingering feelings and craving for more, it did to me.