Dec 31, 2015
Keeby (All reviews)
There’s this anime I watched on Tuesdays, namely, Hidan no Aria AA. It’s literally a show about a bunch of lesbians... and they “fight.” Yet the fight scenes are seriously embarrassing! I seriously have never experienced an anime fight that made me cringe this hard until now. Actually, I probably have. This isn’t the worst thing ever, but seriously, with every passing episode, I think to myself: this is so cringey. And yet I sit there, watching the anime. Heck, I even want to watch more; I’m addicted to the cringe! Okay, not really, but I don’t mind watching another episode. Then people get pissed at me because I can’t sit through another episode of Shigatsu or FMA. Well, they’re pissed for good reason. The anime industry produces stuff like Hidan no Aria AA often. Why the hell am I wasting even more time on it? You could say I have bad taste... but I think HNAA is terrible. I still watched it though.

Why should you watch Hidan no Aria AA? Or rather, why did I watch it? The only thing I can reasonably defend about Hidan no Aria is its sick opening and its art style. Everything else is objectively bad. The majority of the show is the fanservice and shoujo ai aspect, and I’m not going to criticize people who enjoy the fanservice in Hidan no Aria. It’s there for a reason; I don’t necessarily mind it, but I’m not watching HNA to fap vigorously with sweat dripping down my forehead for these little kiddos. I dunno. Anyway, if people wanted to fap then there’s hentai for that. Then what is Hidan no Aria AA for? is it just there to tease the mind? Are you being blue balled? haha. That’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one.

I watched Hidan no Aria because it’s a drug. This is especially true for those who seem to be lonely, which applies to a lot of anime fans (not all, of course... I also understand that last sentence was very contentious). It supplies relationshipping very bluntly to its audience, which in its own right is very satisfying. Every character is psycho-bonkers crazy over each other. It’s downright silly. “Love” in this anime is so unrealistically forced and actually pretty random, too. It’s basically a parody on serious romantic relationships in anime. Of course, I know that’s not true; it’s not intended to be a parody. I feel like whoever made this anime/light novel was being serious with the relationships in this series. But seriously, I feel nothing! Maybe because nothing was built! And yet, I feel like I can support these relationships and feel good when they succeed. Why does this work? Think of generic harems like To-Love Ru and Nisekoi. There’s always a "best" girl, and damn when best girl gets her "moment" my heart can’t take it. Well, not really, but I get really excited. HNAA has a bunch of different relationships between moe-blobs. Literally all the characters are moe-blobs, and I think it’s adorable when they have their psychopathic tendencies. There really is no “lose” relationship happening. Think of it like a pseudo best-girl moment over and over.

But wait! what about the plot? After all, isn’t that what makes an anime good? Not necessarily. However, if you wanted to watch this anime for the action or substance of plot, all you’re going to get is a different kind of “plot.” Enjoy the moe, enjoy the moe, enjoy the moe… enjoy.