Dec 26, 2015
CrawlingDolphin (All reviews)
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki, cool title huh? Meh too long. The first two words would have fit the the anime already in my opinion. CD was nice, but not interesting enough for me to keep my eyes on the screen. I have been holding my phone while using Disqus and other sites the whole time I have been watching the series because even if I don't focus on what I was watching I knew that I won't be able to miss anything important. Okay so let's move onto the review.

Story 6/10
The story was pretty much easy to predict, like what's gonna happen and who's gonna die. There was really nothing that made me gasp on a scene or not blink for like 5 seconds or so.

Character 5/10
The MC was so-so. Like he has the normal reactions a human would have, cry whenever his friends die. Refusing to hurt those who are precious to him and gets scared. It wasn't really interesting its like the same old anime shows wherein the MC gets to go on an adventure with friends and they get hurt and then they get to be successful and viola! Ends.

Lou, however was the one who is kind of intriguing. It would be better if the series focused on her more. Like why she became like the person she is now, (even though it was shown on the mid part of the anime but it wasn't enough).

Overall 7/10
If you have time to spare and just looking for a random anime to watch then Chaos Dragon is okay, but its not good if you'd like to binge watch it because it gets boring somewhere so you gotta give it a rest before finishing the whole series. It isn't that much of a disappointment as what other have said (for me).