Dec 22, 2015
michael90cr (All reviews)
This show is a 9/10 before the final Chapter (c49/48 depending on how you count the half chapter).
The characterisation and devlopment of the characters is really good until the final chapter or 2 (these where very well done through the slow paced story and would get a 10/10 without the final chapter)
It's a really intresting (if predictable) story that would get a 7/10- the chapters don't always follow on from another and there is sometimes little connecting them- the story is meerly a medium for the 2 MC an the SC development.

However, the ending is really bad, the writer clealy hadn't planned on that being the last chapter until the last 2 or 3 chapter previous- Either they had originally planned for the series to have another arc or for some other reason they couldn't write the ending they had planned. The ending literly makes no sence from the way the set up the Characters in the rest of the chapters, there was little set-up for the ending and the last chapter is just trying to tie up all the 'loose ends of the story' but it seems like even if this was the planned end to the story it would need at least another 15-20 chapters to properly haddle the events of the last chapters to do it properly and without editing early chapters to set this up it would still feel like forced BS

If you read this and enjoy this please do not read the final chapter (crunchyroll counts it as chapter 48)