Dec 9, 2015
williamthechen (All reviews)
Mod Edit: Review contains spoilers

It all starts with a meteor which gives special powers to childs till their teen years strike, which then they forget about their powers and completely lose them.And ofcourse Jun Maeda( famous for making clannad and angel beats ) writes this anime and forcing some melodrama in the middle of the anime.
While a mere teen "Otosaka Yuu" has to cure them all from their " disease" so that they won't be experimentated by the government.

At the start of the anime Yuu has the power to plunder other abilities but he doesnt know that, and he has the power to control someone for a certain amount of time. And he gets busted, but not by the government but by some students who force him not to abuse his power and enroll their school where people with supernatural abilities like them are. And they need to enroll more students.
Yuu needs to remove every ability from all ability users and to do that he must overcome alot of obstacles
The ending was a little rushed though ;/

Story 7/10

Just explained it above here. Nothing too special neither too mediocre

Art 10/10

Sick art by P.A Works. Nothing to complain about

Sound 9/10

Both liked the opening and ending of the anime.
Fun fact: op sang by the same singer(Lia) as in Angel Beats and Clannad
And voice acting was done very well too

Character 7/10

Somewhat decent i guess but some characters dont get enough screen time and you'll notice when you watch it

Enjoyment 9/10

Liked the anime in general but story could've been better and the character development as stated above

Overall 8/10

Story good/Decent, Art Outstanding, Sound Great, Character Good/satisfied, Enjoyment Great, Overall Very good

hope i've informed you guys enough
you should check it out and give it a try ;)
Hope you guys have a nice day
rereading this review made me legit cringe so let that be a plus too :)