Nov 11, 2015
Rich_anime (All reviews)
I cannot rate this show highly enough. Unlike many I found it more enjoyable than Cowboy Bebop. Although I think Cowboy Bepop is overall a better story this just had a great feel to it, something which is not tangible or easy to describe.

First of all the music is brilliant throughout. It shouldn't work yet Old School Hip Hop blends seamlessly into Edo Japanese culture, it's extremely well delivered.

I think this is a rare anime. Each episode, whilst technically linked, is almost independent from the rest. The plot of each episode has no real purpose in the grand scheme of the story but brilliantly allows us to see the characteristics, personalities, motives and history of the three main protagonists. Other than cowboy Bebop I have not seen another anime like this, it is exceptional.

I can not recommend this show enough.