Nov 8, 2015
dpanglas (All reviews)
Came to watch thinking it'd be like infinite stratos, stayed because of the story.

Let's cut to the chase. ignore the ecchi, ignore the asspulls, ignore the budget on the animation, and you have an amazing anime. The plot was well thought out and good job to the writers. Never have I watched an anime where the characters seem to have more than one dimensional thinking and actually developed like decent human beings.

Story? 10/10
Loved the unique storyline. It put a real twist on mecha series.

Art? 9/10
I thought the art was amazing at times. Animation was also great with fluid motions. Only downfall was some budgeted animation where background trees, buildings, and people looked like potatoes but all is well. Some action scenes were cookie cutted from episode to episode but what mecha doesn't do that??

Character? 11/10 (if only)
I thought the characters were amazing. Each one had their own story. Each one had their own personality. They weren't stuck with one attitude. It actually felt like they had human minds with human emotions. Development was overall fantastic.