Nov 4, 2015
Zaku88 (All reviews)
What wold have happened if Nemu never returned and Junichi went with Kotori? Shirakawa-lovers rejoice! Or should you?

This is a 2 episode OVA that plays with the alternate path where Shirakawa wins, much like the KGNE OVA where Haruka wins. Sadly, this attempt falls short of where I had hoped for it to be. Yes you have your original Da Capo cast and yes the music and scenery all looks familiar, but the awesome, gripping story of Da Capo is all but missing.

The animation style is the same as the original animation and the quality is fairly good. There are one or two places where I noticed an inconsistency in the drawing but otherwise it was fairly well done. The colors/scenery fit the mood quite well and, well, Kotori is Kotori.

An interesting OP and ED (in episode 1)... the OP is new but reminiscent of other Da Capo OPs and the ED is not much. BGM is traditional Da Capo love it or hate it style. VA cast is the same as the original so you get your Yui Horie.

The jumping off point in this show is somewhere in the middle of DC SS, so you should probably watch up through DC SS for much of this to make sense.

The story starts off with the ending of the OVA before jumping back in time (I wasn't sure at first which was quite confusing) and working forwards again.

It's known from the start that Kotori is getting her man, but in traditional Da Capo style they throw in a little drama. Sadly, the attempt at drama was a bit nonsensical and the characters' reactions over the top. Think of KGNE Next Season's plot twist but over a much more meaningless reason.

The resolution to the conflict is likewise pitifully made up, and it seemed like they just wanted to find a way for Yui Horie to sing a song. In any case, this part was the real downer in this short OVA.

The characters are well defined/developed in the original show by this point so there isn't too much to be expected here. It's really difficult to separate characters/story, especially if the character's development is pretty much the story... But leaving that in the story section, the overall characters were (other than the horrible story) true to their original nature.

There are some cute scenes and moments worthy of the Da Capo name, but the rest of it fell short, leaving much to be desired.