Oct 15, 2015
Ashcom (All reviews)
When I viewed the information page of this title, I felt pretty bad because hardly had anybody bothered to read this manhwa and nobody posted a review of this title online. That's why I considered it my responsibility to shed light on this title. Oh, and by the way, this is my first review.
Okay, the main protagonist is a local factory worker named Gang-Ho who is a honest person and tries hard to earn some money for the well being of his family. Due to certain mishaps his looses his job and after then, assumes the identity of a television superhero named Gugu man in order to sustain his family without having them acknowledge his presence and news of his unemployment.
The aforementioned statements were an excerpt of the story. This title is quite light hearted and could be enjoyed by the entire family. All the characters exhibit realistic emotions and aren't just some leisurely drawn caricatures.
With the progression of the chapters the readers will come across some intense and dramatic situation. All in all, it can be regarded as an emotional roller-coaster ride. The art isn't much detailed but goes hand in hand with the simplicity of the story. All in all I really enjoyed this title a lot.