Oct 11, 2015
Rashikabi-san (All reviews)
Actually the whole episode was for 7 minutes so in that case a score of 7 should suffice.

Story 7

The story is left up to the viewer interpretation from after watching this ending since this ending was the alternative to create a what if event that allows Shirou to be with Rin and Saber Harem Ending Unlocked

Art 8
The art is still amazing but the artwork for character are decent in my opinion which I feel their is not that shiny glow to them in the previous series

Sound 8
The soundtrack in the end fits with the atmosphere of this Fate Special.

Character 7

At the moment in this ending will still our beloved main character Shirou still being shy with no development at this time however in the future we all know Shiirou will be come a stunning gentlemen like Archer.

Saber' character stayed the same as well as the quit reserved type which she is placed as the third wheel in the ship of Shirou and Rin.

Lastly Rin' character is still the same and genuine as ever with her quirky personality and flirting with Shirou to make him feel shy which shows how Rin and Shirou would act with each other at the moment until they become young adults.

Enjoyment 7
This episode is said to be 10 minutes long but I counted around 7 minutes of content while 3 minutes of ending credits.If the the content could had been longer then my enjoyment would be very satisfied for now this special is enjoyable to watch since i did miss Fate Series so much.

Overall 7.5
THe final verdict for this episode was positive traits of this episode brought back the nostalgic memories of Fate again but the delivery was lacking its full potential which could had been better with some feedback to the studio to slightly improve it.