Sep 24, 2015
Ashtad (All reviews)
This manga is a masterpiece.

I will write my review for parts trying my best to explain my reasoning:

Story (9): Well is very rare to find a manga that you can really call a ''Truly masterpiece'' or a ''S grade'' manga. Shigurui is one of these mangas. The story tells you what do you need to know. At the moment that you need to know, is crude, beautiful, with touchs of fantasy but at the same time realistic epicness. In the start you found a story that tells you something and you probably will think ''thats curious'' atfer chapter and chapter, the mangaka shows you a so well written story, deep, with actions, with words, with crude moments, with massacres, with the psychology of the characters in the fights, in the crude moments and the relation that the reader will be able to see in all the moments. The end is maybe, a little bit unexpected based of what you will see in the manga, but that doesnt make the end bad.

The story fit perfect with the gender, the characters, the art and all the factors that are incluide in this manga. Is 'easy' to understand but at the same time is complex in certain ways, maybe is the character developing that makes the story fits that well, the art, of the pleasure with the 'mind' factor of the moments but, the true is, as i say, the story is perfect for the manga.

- The Story was told correctly always something can be better but in this case was 'perfect' in general, simply to understand but at the same time, complex, it has so many elements that makes the develop so well done. The story is not 'predictable' is something different, you really have a 'idea' of what will happen but you never will be sure if that will really happens. The final was ok -> well. There is not something that will troll you in the aspect that, there is not 'plot' there is not 'power of friendship' there is, ability, instict, and pain.

Note: The manga didn't have more than 90 caps and the mangaka makes each chapter count. Definitelty - Great -

Art (8): The art of Shigurui is, exactly what you want for a manga like this, it fits so well the Story and the enjoyment overall. It shows you what you need to see in the crude moments, the draw is really good, it makes you feel so comfortable at the point that in certain moments, the fights and the blood, the details of the draw in the characters, in the ambient, in the manga in general just make the experiencie something unique.

Note: The style of art of the manga is just brutal. Is so good. Is able to please any person with high standards of a manga with good art and drawning. Very good.

But maybe the art is so centred in something, and, that makes that you think that the characters, and certain things are, a little bit repetitive. Maybe in certain parts the draw of the manga lacks in explain you, x or y 'important' thing, but the style of the manga fits perfectly the Story, the Characters, and, the essence of the enjoyment.

Character (10): In this manga you have something interesting with the two principal characters; a strong conecction between the two. ''Force of destiny'' the fight and the story of two characters, their lifes, their beliefs, their duel, their fight, their sides, diferents but united for the same reason the 'destinty'.

The way that the characters fits the Story, and the Art with the flow of the fights, the mindset of both is just so beautiful, both will suffer, both will need to prove be able to adapt each fight, each situation, you will feel and see how they are born, how they search their way, how they are unique persons in any way possible.

- The character developing is so beautiful (And not only of the principal characters). The relation between Character -> Story -> Art make a manga with a lot of aspects that you will want:

- Good Action
- Good Story
- Good Art
- Blood -> Crude moments -> Rude moments -> Beautiful moments -> Epic moments
- X (A little bit forbidden romance)

Overall: 9.3: Not much more to say, is a masterpiece but i just feel in my heart that the final should have go, diferent (that DOESN'T mean final is bad, eh)

TL;DR: Must read. One of the best seinens and one of the best mangas that i've had the pleasure to read, see, and enjoy. Maybe is not a manga for all the people (is something that be a crude seinen means) but i want to say as well: THIS IS one of the most well writtens historical mangas, plus, is finished (good and bad yeah, but better overall you dont have to wait to see the end for a good develop of the story). BRUTAL martial arts manga. My heart tell me that deservers the 10 as well.