Aug 5, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
Mayo Chiki!
Mayo Chiki! Is an example of a nice comedy, i thought this was going to be boring but i really enjoyed this and a lot, i saw a lot of comments saying that Kenjirou looked like Ryuuji from Toradora and at that time i didn't saw Toradora but now that i have seen it, they look a lot.

It's about a girl who hides the fact that she is a girl so she can be a butler but Kenjirou finds out about this by accident and he is menaced to hide this or she will make him disappear, the story is good even if this sounds silly but there's no ending, that bothered me, it ended with a normal ep. like a little back story for one of the girls he met before and didn't appear much but the story is good.

Art & Animation
The animations was very good, the details, the landscape is great, the characters design are very good too.

The sound is very good, the VA was very good, the OP and ED are good.

The characters are interesting, all of them are different and refreshing in a comedy and not just the normal or cliche characters on other anime series, they all were very good, they were funny, they had their purpose and even if this was a harem they don't like Kenjirou at the first time they see him.

A mix of everything made this really enjoyable, i got a very good enjoyment from this and in a episode two girls appear and they happen to look like the sisters from KissxSis; This would have been even better if they didn't make that final episode 13 the ending, it looked more like a 6th episode to be honest and it was a let down, this didn't have a proper end.